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One of the best parts of being in a full house of kids and adults is when the kids are asleep, the adults can play! Game night!
Over at Brad's parents, the boys decorated gingerbread cookies. They had so much fun. Then we attempted pictures, just the three of them. Pretty much failed. We had Grandma Chris and Papa Jim sit with them, and we got some real good ones.
This guy had no interest in decorating. He was enraptured by this toy guitar and a toy phone
One of the "good" ones of trying to get a picture of the boys

It has been way too long since we've been to San Francisco, so we took a few hours to head over there and see a few things.
Excited to see San Francisco
Though not so excited for traffic. Welcome to the Bay Bridge!
If I just drove around looking at the houses in this city, I'd be so happy
The Christmas tree in Union Square
Ghiradelli Square. The line for the sundae shop was ridiculous. Thank heavens we did not have our hearts set upon that
A store full of chocolate. Basically heaven, am I right
Taking in the bay, Golden Gate, Alcatraz. I love this city
Golden Gate
Our walk from Ghiradelli to Pier 39 took us right by Fisherman's Wharf. Naturally there were quite a few pirate statues...
I always would forget about these guys and they'd always scare me. Not this time, haha!
This guy was playing his drums and invited the boys to take a turn. Really nice guy
Pier 39 and as promised, showing the kids the sea lions that live at the docks by the pier
Cousins! James canNOT take a picture these days without posing. He would not relent on this being the position he needed to be in for this picture. Whatever. At least he smiles!
Sea Lions on their docks
Coit Tower (left) and Transamerica building. Drove right by the Transamerica building on our 45-minute trip out of the city. We just loooooove traffic. Not sarcastic at all.
 Once we were all happily out of the city, we headed over to the Oakland LDS Temple. They have amazing Christmas lights every year. Going there to see the lights is one of my favorite things to do in California for holidays.
My Gavin... what a handsome stud
New favorite hobby- photography
Running around like a crazy
It was so great to be able to show the boys one of our favorite cities and be there with them. One of Brad's and mine first real dates was to San Francisco and it was so fun. And I think it was "the" date, where I felt like I really got to know him and really started falling in love with him. Has a special place for me :) Plus it's awesome all on its own.

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