Beginning of Christmas

Christmas is over! It's a New Year! About freaking time! I have been counting down to January for far too long, hoping the new year would bring a less busy life. We'll see if it happens (i highly doubt it. but maybe not having a holiday and birthday presents to worry about will make it more enjoyable :) ).

A day before the last day of school before break (Thursday), James's little kindergarten class put on a Winter Frolic for their families. James had been practicing his music for us and we were so excited to see him in action. The kids weren't always on the same spot of the song, or doing the right moves, but my goodness... who cares. 5 and 6-year olds singing Christmas songs are just cute and fun to watch!
Singing "Jingle Bells" Freaking adorable
James was so confused why the kids on either side of  him kept jumping different directions. He would switch and then switch back. Kind of funny...
After the music, we went back to their classroom area to do a bunch of crafts. James made a gingerbread man, beaded candy cane, popsicle stick reindeer, light bulb reindeer, snowflake out of a coffee filter, a bead necklace he gave to me (and i canNOT get the knot to stick so it keeps falling apart. boooo), and a little envelope with treats inside. We had lots of fun... and enjoyed going home early and not fighting the other parents in the parking lot.
This little trouble-maker...
That Friday we headed down south and stayed in a hotel in Mount Shasta. The next day we finished up our drive to my parents house. My sister and her hubs were next to arrive that evening, followed by my brother, Craig, and his family. Full. House. And our Christmas week in California began!
My cousins! I missed getting Deanne in the shot, but it was so nice to see them! It had been too long
Cousin Lucas- him and James are basically inseparable when they are around each other
Darci! She definitely held her own with all these other boys hanging around her. Such a sweetie
We were so busy during our stay in California, there is definitely more to show. It was so wonderful to do so much and see family.

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