Christmas Tree Outing

Can I just say how awesome the Thanksgiving break was?? We had so much fun. Saturday was extra fun because we got our Christmas tree!! 
James posing for the camera
 And when one does it, the rest follow...

 Bringing it in- it's amazing how much easier a twined tree is than one that is not to bring inside
 Down she goes... whoops
 "Mommy, take a picture of me hugging the tree"
As much as I love decorating the tree, the prep work for it is always a little tense for me. This year started stressful, but once I figured out what worked best for all of us, it soon turned to pure joy as those boys decked out the tree. They actually did a pretty good job, especially after Brad brought out a chair for them to stand on. Otherwise our bottom four feet would have been the only festive part. Short little dudes :)
 This face is why this kid doesn't get in as much trouble as he should... far too cute!
 What you may not notice here is the DEATH GRIP Jack had on Brad's shirt. He was super excited for his turn with the star, just not the actual in-the-air part
 "Hey Mommy... take a picture of me on the chair" There are about three more shots on this chair. Good thing my kids like the camera... almost too much...
This year felt extra special. The boys really paid attention and loved what ornaments they were putting on. I told them which ones had their names on it, were their first Christmas ornaments, which ones had stories, and they really enjoyed hearing all of it. They knew those made our tree even more wonderful. 

The Christmas season has officially started in our home! Now to figure out the presents...

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