Our Thanksgiving

I am so grateful for my amazing and awesome husband, my fantastic and spazzy children, our home, the gospel of Jesus Christ, our friends and family, our health, and so much more. 

I so wish we could go back to when the last week of November was about the holiday of gratitude. Of remembering the original feast, and what it meant for those pilgrims and Native Americans. Instead it has become commercialized and almost forgotten. Wishful thinking, I know. 

Our Thanksgiving went a little something like this...
Puzzles and Legos (and Rach and Thomas)
Making the food
Getting ready to dive in
 The spread- Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, roasted honey and cinnamon sweet potatoes, stuffing, carmelized green beans, rolls, and sparkling cider
 The lovely fall flowers from Rach and Thomas- thanks again!
 Finally some lounge time...
 ... watching Elf! Definitely has become a tradition to break this movie out on Thanksgiving
 Pies. Oh so good pies. Apple and Chocolate Cream. Plus homemade whipped cream and ice cream. They were ridiculously good
All in all, a great Thanksgiving day.

I am (happily) surprised at how ready I am for the Christmas season now. Ready, as in I'm excited it's here. In no way am I ready presents wise (though I had totally planned on being ready by now... ah well. it's high time i accept that is just not how i operate). 

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Looks great! Is Rachel married now? Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving.

    1. yeah, she got married in september :)

  2. Thanks for having us over :) Sorry if we were too tired to be of much help. Dinner was fantastic and we had a great time!