The Big Day and Horses

You know what I wish? I really, really wish I could be that person who takes over 350 pictures (oh yeah... guess i'm making up for all those times i didn't take pictures), chooses 10 awesome ones, and says, "Look what a fantastic holiday we had!" And that's the end of it. But I'm not. Just shows you how horrible I am at decision making and my kids are just too dang cute to not put as many pictures as possible up on here. Never fear, pretty sure this is the end of the Christmas posts. And what a wonderful Christmas it was.

Christmas Eve found us spending time with my family and making sugar cookies for ol' St. Nick.
Let's take a look at these next pictures... notice Gavin in the front. Take a look at the flour and what James has decided to do... yup, flour up to his elbows...
Judging by his face, may not have been his best idea...
Trying to get excess flour off arms...
Well, that was fun! Tried to slap it off and you know what happens when you do that with flour
Totally worth it
That evening was spent with my awesome in-laws for dinner and back to my parent's. The boys got their first Christmas Eve jammies and I'm thinking they were pretty thrilled with them. Might have to jump on that bandwagon of a tradition...
Christmas morning! I love opening presents. And I love taking our time doing it- watching others open their gifts, hearing the "thank-you's" and giving hugs, kids getting so excited for what they are getting and them also getting excited seeing what others got. This year did not disappoint (does it ever? methinks not). One of the bigger, and surprising, hits for the boys was How To Train Your Dragon 2. I knew they would love it. Duh, it's a great movie. James literally watched the first one almost daily for a year. We love Hiccup and his gang in our household. But that was years ago. But I didn't know how much they would love it. I'm talking screams and yelling about what they got. It was pretty awesome. Once the presents were all unwrapped and we all got ready, we headed over to my Gramma in her new care facility. She showed the boys the birds that live there and Gavin and James held her hand while Brad wheeled her to different rooms. It was so sweet. We wish we could have stayed longer. We love you, Gramma (great)!

Over to the Westmoreland's for family and more fun! It was another full house and we loved it. Brad and I even got to have some extra fun and played Ticket to Ride. It's been way too long since we've played and reminded me that I should have followed my instinct and bought it when it was on sale at Target. Next time, for sure.
Showing off their new superhero jackets
Heading out to see the horses
Jack the entire time we were out there. Slipped on mud, ruined his life forever
All the grandkids that could make it! Add in 9 more and you've got the whole bunch
Silly face time
Gavin and Luke
James and baby Jace. James loves babies and was so in love with this little guy (so was i!)
Saturday we were able to ride my in-laws' horses. The boys had been asking us every day when we were going to finally do this and were so excited they could!
And with that, I bid our Christmas vacation adieu. It was so wonderful to be around family. Our kids tell me daily how they miss everyone. It's hard to hear them say (because we miss them too), but also means a lot that they are old enough to understand how important family is. I'm so grateful to be a part of two amazing families, where my kids and us feel so loved. Thank you all for making our holidays extra special.

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