Much Belated Birthday(s) Post

James had his sixth birthday a little over three weeks ago. Six! He is growing up so fast. Right now James loves learning, being crazy, drawing, dressing up as a knight, viking, or whatever tickles his fancy at the moment, being sweet to others, and just loves life. James is seriously such a sweet and amazing kid.

We were still in California for his birthday but Jack decided to get sick that morning and we kind of cancelled the food celebrations. We were leaving the next morning and wanted to make sure all of us felt as good as possible. Ha. Though there was no cake (actually, there was. i just didn't make it. my parents had picked one up the night before, I was just super lame and so focused on Jack I forgot to have him blow out a candle. mom of the year, right here) or fun dinner, he still got to have both sets of grandparents over and get fun presents. He got a baseball mitt and ball, a bag of balls, new pants and a shirt, and a hiking backpack. Well, that day. I was awesome and forgot some of his birthday presents at home. Did I mention I'm super excited to not be traveling for the holidays/his birthday next year? Because I am. When we got home we gave him the rest- new church sweater and shirt, winter boots, and a Star Wars AT-AT shirt (which is basically the coolest shirt ever).
We partied hard
The Saturday after we got back, I was finally able to make his birthday dinner and cake. The morning we headed back home, I woke up feeling horrible and was out of commission for basically the whole week. Yay for winter... or not. James had requested a Transformers cake and I did what I could- not too shabby, right?
 In his new church clothes. And first of the year church picture- all boys are in Primary! Crazy!
AND going through pictures, I realized I never posted about Gavin's fourth birthday. I'm telling you, mom of the year!! Not that forgetting to blog about your child makes you a bad mom, but when you have a yearly habit of doing it and you forget... makes you feel kind of bad. That's just me :) On a somewhat completely different tangent, these pictures also make me miss summer. Which is silly, because winter has been great (so far). I don't think I'll ever get used to colder winters, though. And Oregon is so mild compared to Idaho. But it's no California. OR I just don't like winter.

Moving on...
 THIS FACE!! Says it all
Sometimes I forget Gavin is as young as he is- he is just so sharp, funny, and articulate for being four! But then he reminds me with some tantrums and fits and brings me back to reality :) But really, Gav is one amazing little guy. He is such a ham, very honest, a hard worker (really, he gets mad at me if i do chores without him), loves to learn and can't wait for kindergarten next year, and is so sweet. We are so blessed with these sweet and awesome boys of ours, for reals. 

His birthday started with balloons, streamers, and donuts. So perfection, really. I don't think we did anything out of the ordinary that day, but I do know it was a good one. We then had our friends come over for some cupcakes and ice cream. Gav got lots of books (which we loooove. and that isn't sarcasm. book nerds over here), new clothes, art supplies, and a Star Wars toy.

We sure love these two boys of ours (and the third one, obviously... but i blogged about him already). They really are such good kids and I have to remind myself that a lot. James is a great oldest brother and Gavin has really taken to his middle brother role. As much as I want to stop the clock with these boys of mine, I wouldn't pass up on watching them grow and learn and develop their awesome personalities. 

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