The Big Three

Our Jack-Jack turned THREE yesterday. THREE. So that should mean he doesn't act like a two-year old anymore, right? Right?? One can hope :)

Jack was our surprise baby- surprise pregnancy, surprise blonde, surprise chubs, surprise trouble-maker, etc. But thank heavens his birth went completely according to plan, no surprises. And then I had the most amazing experience ever, being able to hold and see him immediately after he was born. Words cannot describe what that meant to me.
Some fun stuff about our three-year old-
- he loves to laugh. and be tickled. and just thinking about being tickled makes him laugh
- on that note, he is one (generally) happy guy
- he can throw a mean fit too. like, really big fits
- loves to sing. current fave is itsy-bitsy spider, switching between a fast and slow version
- is a cuddler. just like everyone else in this family
- LOVES his brothers. LOVES them. the relationship the three of them have is so special and awesome
- hates loud noises
- is a climber. especially of people, and more specifically, of his daddy
- such a sweetheart
- loves books. he is so cute when he sits down to look through a book
- is such a good (and adorable) talker
- trouble. maker. trouble, i tell ya!
- can eat like no other. especially my mac and cheese. it's almost disgusting and i usually cut him off most nights. no growth issues here!
- can sing most of the mainstream Primary songs and it is so sweet. i had no idea he knew them till one night i was singing to him before bed and he joined me in singing. wonderful surprise
- he is seriously hilarious
- is a fan of music in general. i made the boys a CD for the car (because i'm old school like that) and he knows almost all the songs. his favorite- "say it ain't so". oh yeah
-is a great storyteller. cracks me up, the way he tells stories

The list could go on and on, but that should suffice. Jack is one awesome kid. He may have thrown us for a loop initially, but I am so grateful he did. So very grateful. He belongs in this family, he fits, and he came exactly when he needed to. It's been hard. Shoot, it is hard. But there is no doubt in my mind that this special little boy had to come down when he did. He is a part of our family and has a part in Heavenly Father's plan. Everything is as it should be. And we love him so very much.
Happy birthday to our Jack. We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I can't believe our babies are turning three!!! Where does the time go? Hope he has/had a GREAT birthday! :)

  2. He is just so stinking cute!! Happy Birthday Jack!