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I think anyone who reads this blog also sees my Facebook or Instagram, so you all probably know we were in California two weeks ago becaaaaause... my little sister got married! And it was wonderful :) 

They got married on Saturday, the 20th, which happened to be two days after our ten-year anniversary. When we found out the date, we decided we'd drive down the day before our anniversary. There was no way I was spending our anniversary (ten years no less!) in a car with three little boys. Heck. No.

Wednesday came and the drive went really well. We stopped twice, as usual, to stretch our legs and took only half hour stops. On the second stop Gavin was like, "Ok. Let's go. Let's get back to the car. C'mon guys, let's go." Someone was ready to go see some family :) We got to my parent's house just in time for some In-n-Out for dinner. Ooooh yeaaaah.
And we're off!
Almost there... and getting our own gas. Crazy Oregon has made me gas pumping stupid
Since we were in California for our anniversary, we decided to go to the Oakland Temple as part of our celebration that day. How could we not?? We went with my parents in the morning. Of course when we get there they are doing construction on the main part so there is a crane in basically all of our pictures. Ah well. This year is the 50th anniversary of the temple being built and dedicated so they had a special room in the Visitors Center all about the temple. I loved being back there with our family, our little boys who will be with us for eternity. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the temple, making families forever. 
 View of the Bay from the second level of the temple
 Gav and Jack were saying "Temple!"
We found a baby snail to love
 Gav wanted a picture with us too
 Just as beautiful as the day we were married
 Part of the 50th Anniversary wall display they had
After the temple we headed home. Then Brad and I ditched my parents with our kids :) We went to our favorite local Mexican taqueria, got some much needed authentic take-out, went to a mostly empty parking lot by the Bass Pro/movie theater area, and chowed down and talked. That may seem pretty lame, but it was heaven. Just us, delicious food, and great conversation with no one around. We then went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy. And yes, it was awesome. And Brad listened to the music the rest of our trip.
The beeest. My mouth is watering just looking at this. Constant. Craving.
 My grilled chicken taco with beans and rice, and Brad's swiss quesadilla. Plus chips. Did NOT disappoint
 Bad movie theater selfie! I'm good at those
I totally was going to finish the trip on this post but I think I've talked and added enough pictures for one post :) Next up, the wedding!

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