Ten Years

September 18, 2004
September 18, 2014
The doors we walked out of! They were roped off so we did the best we could :)
It has been an amazing ten years to be married to Brad. I still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. Which sounds really cliche, but hey, it's true. We had a few hiccups on our wedding day (Brad couldn't find his recommend- which ended up being in his temple pants from us being at the temple the week before, we couldn't find my wedding dress in the bridal room, and the temple workers basically forgot us and finally fetched us for the sealing). But it didn't matter. I could care less if we started on time. It was happening- we were finally going to be married for time and all eternity. I remember Brad just grinning the entire time, certain I looked just as giddy. And then it was done- we were Mr. and Mrs.! I know we loved each other that day, but after ten years together the definition of love certainly has changed. We've changed. We've grown, and thankfully, together. All that we've been through (and there's been pleeeeenty) has only deepened our love and commitment. It's remarkable how there truly is no end to how much you can love someone. Or how you find new ways to love and respect one another. Truly a wonderful thing. 

I'm so grateful things aligned where we could actually be in California and be able to visit the Oakland LDS temple on the day we were married, ten years ago on the dot. Life isn't perfect and I never want it to be. Where is the fun in that?? BUT our life is happy and good and we couldn't ask for more. 

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  1. Grateful to have been at the temple with you on both days! 😊