Out of Habit

It's official- I am completely out of habit of updating this blog. Man, I used to be so good at it, too. Ah well. I would love to say I'm making a goal to write once a week, blah blah, but I'm not going to. Because I'd probably fall through. And then get frustrated. Which leads to more no-blogging. And the cycle goes on and on. 

I am hoping to update soon with more than just me rambling on on how bad I am at blogging. Because this is truly a boring and unnecessary topic. A better one will be how I am literally in the middle of reupholstering a wing back chair. Oh yeah. It's happening. A good friend of mine is helping me out and we've already ripped the fabric off. Next up, putting the fabric on. And hopefully not screwing up too much (let's be honest, a little screwage will happen because it's me and i never get a project perfect. i'm a realist like that). 

Or how I have a new bike (that i am not riding like i'm supposed to be). I was hoping to get one this summer sometime, but we got one earlier than expected. I had been "running" and my left knee was not taking it very well. I could barely last a mile, give or take, without having to walk the rest and limping a bit. I refused to believe I shouldn't be running, but that's exactly what was happening. Time to find a better way to exercise that won't kill my knee. So- good deal on bike was found, bike was bought, and more to write later! 

There's also our garden and what we're learning, the bookcases we are building (and are two months behind schedule, but who's counting days...), update on the boys, possible couch purchase... see?! So many better topics to write about than admitting I'm horrible at this blog. 

And to close it off, a cute picture of the boys feeding the goats at one of the farms we frequent
 and one with Jack wearing James's undies
 and, what the heck, one last one of the brothers being the best brothers.

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  1. Just as long as you keep posting pictures and don't give up entirely! :) Can't wait to see pics of the projects, too.