A Bike and a Pinewood

Big news for the five year old- James got his first bike!
We had held off getting him a bike for various different reasons (storage, safety of where we had lived, etc etc) and the reasons basically vanished this summer. After scouring craigslist we found a listing that looked promising. Brad checked it out with James then went to Walmart to look at their selection of new bikes. Once he compared and we talked about it, we decided on the used and cheaper bike (but way better brand) for James. Before he could take it out for his first spin, we needed training wheels. A benefit of living in one of the nation's top bicycling cities- there is actually a non-profit organization with tons of used parts, used bikes, and so much more! That was our first stop. Brad found some workable training wheels and after some of his own adjustments (which took a day or two), James was ready to go.
Verdict- he loooves the bike. He's still getting used to it, not quite ready for too much speed, but he is certainly enjoying it. Think what you will, but we weren't planning on buying him protective gear for this. But James insisted he needs to be safe. He is now the proud owner of some rad Lightening McQueen elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. He also sports a pretty awesome Spider-Man helmet.
Next up- Gavin and Jack! Though Jack will be probably not be getting a bike bike quite yet :)

James also "made" his first pinewood derby car! Well... Brad made it (Brad's calling in our church right now is Bear Cub Scout Leader). James and I had the job of making it look awesome. We let him stay up with me so we could paint it together. James decided on the color being blue, with light bluish-grey stripes on it, and lightening bolts on the sides. We also added a 'W' on the fender. Gotta represent, ya know.
Finished pinewood car!
I don't have any pictures of the race, but can I just say how high-tech the derby has gotten?? Holy cow. Our race track has a sleek trackway and a timer on it and everything. That's a pretty penny. So naturally, our two-year old had to go climb on it... several times... (can he turn three yet?? the two's are kind of killing me...). After the Cub Scouts announced their winners, we took some of the fastest cars and raced ours with them. We won a few times, came in second or third a several times as well. James was upset that we didn't win all of them. Start of many lessons that winning isn't everything :) All in all, a very fun experience. James is so excited to be in Cub Scouts one day. Me... I can wait :) 

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