Spencer's Butte

First off, last Thursday Eugene had its Public Works Day. They had firetrucks, police cars, police motorcycle, tree cutting, big tractors, big trucks, lots of riding lawn mowers, more trucks, and even an inflatable boat and kayak. The boys loved going to this. One of the best parts for James was getting the construction vest as we entered. Which happened to be Jack's least favorite part- he wouldn't let me put it on him at all. They also had a frog named Lily walking around in costume and I couldn't believe how much they loved her. They kept giving her hugs and high fives and I had to drag them away. Jack tried to escape just so he could go see her again. They also had a recycling "game"- I need to do this at home, for reals. There were three stations that had 'metal', 'wood', 'paper', and 'plastic' bins. The workers would empty them once it was all done and just have this HUGE pile of recyclables for the kids to sort. We happened to get there when it wasn't busy and the boys went crazy. Gavin is my cleaner and he was booking it. James was being really organized and getting the same materials at once. Jack, who is difficult to help clean-up, was doing a good job, too. Once it was all done, they were ready to do it again. But there were a ton of school kids there and a bunch were waiting their turn. Time to move on! We were only there for an hour, but we still had lots of fun.
That night was also Brad's birthday! We decided to not get birthday presents for each other right now so we can put it towards getting our new camera, but the boys did get him The Amazing Spiderman, a Star Wars shirt, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Ended the night with chocolate eclair birthday cake. Pretty good day :)
 Looking completely underwhelmed. I swear he loved his birthday. Bad timing on my part :)
Then Saturday we went on our first family hike! I grew up hiking on our yearly (or more)  family trips to Yosemite and wherever else we went. I love it and it's been far too long since I've done a hike. We have always talked about hiking as a family, but I haven't felt ready to tackle it. James loves to RUN. Gavin tires easily (though he can endure pretty well). And Jack who is still kind of little. Until now. And these boys rocked it
James decided to pretend to run and Gavin halfheartedly followed him
We went to Spencer's Butte, which is in South Eugene. There are several different trail-heads, depending on the length you want to go. The main, and easy, one is a two-mile hike, round-trip. James and Gavin hiked the whole thing. Jack hiked at least half. 
 Millipedes! These little guys were everywhere
Start of the rocks...
The last... quarter of a mile?... is lots of rocks and more of an incline (the whole hike is inclined). Jack slipped on a rock and hurt his elbow and knee pretty good. So he was a little "traumatized" after that. Once we hit the rocks, James just disappeared. He was in his element. I was with Gavin and I could not see him. Then I heard a girl talking to him on a much steeper part of the butte. I caught up to him and we stayed together after that. BUT on the way down, he often had to wait for us slow people :) A climber, that kid. Brad had to hold Jack the majority of the hike down, but he got him to finish it walking. Pretty good for a two-year old, I think! 
The view from where I caught up to James
Family coming up our way, which wasn't exactly the trail
Summit! I spy Autzen Stadium... 
Snack break
Beautiful views all around
I was so impressed that our boys did so well. It was wonderful doing it together as a family and we are already planning when we can go on a hike again. Being in nature never ceases to amaze me- it is a beautiful world we live in.

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  1. You're so lucky that you have places so close to hike! Such a fun family activity! :)