Zoo Excursion

This last week was craaazy. But a very, very good crazy. First off, Mother's Day. We went to church, opened presents, had dinner and dessert with friends, and chatted with family. Right now, Costco has an amazing deal on Diamondback bikes that we didn't want to miss out on, so Brad got me a bike :) We've been hunting on Craigslist for a while now, but used bikes are hard to come by. Correction- used bikes that are not the same price as a new bike are hard to come by! I ended up going with the men's bike instead of the women's and absolutely love it (and will detail even more of the bike purchase in another post). We got it Friday and Sunday I opened gifts from the boys- bike pump, tire tube, water bottle holder for bike, and two shirts (one being my first University of Oregon shirt! took me way too long to get one). Dinner was Cafe Rio style sweet pork and fixings. Dessert was the same cake (but new, obviously) I had for my birthday. So so good.
The next Tuesday was the second Tuesday of the month. The Oregon Zoo (located in Portland) has every second Tuesday of the month discounted. To $4 per person! Considering an adult ticket is $11.50, it's well worth going on that Tuesday! I had wanted to do it in April, but that was around the time I was dealing with a horrible throat infection and was still recovering. Plus getting ready for families to come visit. Not the best time. I kept arguing inside my head if I should do it. I do things by myself and the boys all the time. Like errands. In town. What I don't do with them is take them very far away from home by myself. Mostly because of trying to corral them- another obstacle of close aged siblings :) They are old enough now where I don't have to worry as much. Though Jack can be a tantrum-throwing two-year old, he also can talk and walk and go with the flow. I bit the bullet and got ready Monday night and we left at 9am for Portland. Woot! Even left on time! The weather that day was the start of a warmer week (high 70's, low 80's), but we all handled the jump in temps pretty well. The boys did awesome. Seriously, they were just amazing. We were there from 11-3:30, then waiting for the shuttle-bus, getting in the car, leaving at 4pm from the shuttle parking lot, getting into the start of Portland traffic, and making the drive back home. Rock stars, those boys of mine. I loved doing something super fun with them and it definitely makes me realize I can start doing more. A whole new door(s) just opened for us!
Now... for my zoo photo overshare... because I love zoos...
And we're off!!
 We got to ride an old school bus for our shuttle. They were all excited, but James was the most excited
 At the zoo!
 A picture with a mountain goat statue. They had a little mountain cave with supplies for mtn. climbers. It was so small and yet captivated them so much
 This guy cracked me up
 Looking at the bear eating
 Bald eagles. One was laying in the nest RIGHT next to where we were. So cool
 James and Gavin are trying to be eagles by flapping their "wings"
Oh my gosh, these otters. They put on quite the show for all of us there. They were wrestling and playing all over the place. In the water, out, back in. Chasing one another. So dang cute. 
 Lunch break! 
 The bear from earlier was awake and pacing around
 These next two pics define Jack all too well...
 ^^grumpy and unresponsive one minute...
 ^^ all smiles, giggles, and charm the next
 Penguins! They kept coming up to the window and opening their beaks to our hands on the glass. I wish penguins didn't smell so bad because we really loved watching these guys
 Our very own monkey. This kid has been climbing since he could move
 We BARELY missed seeing the lion cubs. The lionesses were pacing their enclosure because the cubs had just been taken, and then the zoo keepers had the lions leave the enclosure as well
 Poor animals! The "heat" of the day was definite with a lot of them running for shade and naps. These guys were snoozing right by the observation window- love cheetahs!
 Next year they are opening a HUGE enclosure for the elephants that I can't wait to see! 
 Mama Elephant and Baby Lily. I believe she is two-years old...
Cutie pie Gav
 The face Jack decided to make for about ten-minutes
 Jack fell asleep right when we were exiting the zoo. I had to wake him up and make him stand a few minutes later because the shuttle had come. Felt so bad! Luckily he was fine and just snuggled on my lap on the short drive to the parking lot
I had so much fun with my guys. I know they don't realize what it meant to me, but to have them behave so well and enjoy us all being together was something very special to me. Can't wait for the rest of our summer and the adventures we'll be having!


  1. Glad you all had such a fun time! :)

  2. So fun! let me know when you go next time so we can meet up!

    1. I seriously almost texted to see if you wanted to come. Next time, for sure!