An Easter Birthday

I love having a spring birthday. I also love Easter, the spring's big holiday. What I am not a fan of is birthdays on Sunday. BUT if your birthday falls on a Sunday, and that Sunday is Easter Sunday, it makes for a great birthday. My birthday this year fell on Easter Sunday and I was so happy to share it. Easter is easily one of my top holidays. Celebrating our Savior, great food, spring time, and simple celebrations (at least the way I do it...). Can't beat it.

Obviously from my previous post, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend were here for my birthday/Easter weekend. And not just any birthday... nope... the big THIRTY. I'll be honest, I was a bit sad. I was trying to figure out why I felt sad, and it was more about saying good-bye to my twenties than it was about entering my thirties. I mean, SO much happened in my twenties! Life seems to really start in your twenties. Not like it doesn't in your teen years, but for me it was definitely more in my twenties. You're on your own more, you are an "adult" (i loose that term loosely because i never feel like an adult), all major decisions now rest on YOUR shoulders. Now it's time to grow up even more. So much is going to happen in this next ten years, it's hard to wrap my head around. And as sad as I am to say farewell to the decade of twenty, I'm really excited for what the next ten years have in store. I know there will be some hard times, but a lot of great things will happen as well. Here's to my thirties!

Back to the day... Easter was full of fun! Like...
making silly faces and hanging out with Thomas...
playing with birthday balloons...
watching Mommy play the harmonica...
taking lots of family photos. Most of ours were a miss...
But we did get a good one. Family win!

Adorable Nana and Papa
All together now! Quite a good job on the group photos. 
This guy couldn't wait to get out of his Easter best. But by golly, did he look adorable. They ALL did
There were Easter baskets and egg dying...
Easter egg hunt...
YUMMY dinner and Italian sodas...
all these people made my birthday beyond great. thank you all!
opening presents...
 see that around my neck? that's my new time-turner necklace. i. love. it.
looove this game
 i'm not sure what this face is, but i LOVED this little lantern
 da-dum- a meat grinder! can't wait to use this and save on ground meat!
and eating the BEST cake I've ever had... (seriously. go and make it. trust me. we only added one layer of nutella, though. daaang goooood)
The next day my parents returned to California and are sorely missed. 
I am just grateful they took the time to come here and make my birthday so amazing and special. We returned to reality for just a few days before the OTHER grandparents came! A post for next time :)


  1. A great time was had by all! I especially loved when James was so amazed that the camera would take a picture all by itself! Ah, the wonder of it all!

  2. What a fun birthday! You little fam is so adorable! Love the boys suspenders and ties!!