A Grand Visit

My parents left the Monday after Easter and Brad's parents drove into town Thursday night. The boys were so happy to be able to see both sets of grandparents so close together at our house. Since they got in around dinner time, Thursday night was feeding them, showing them around the house and then relaxing.

Friday we took them to the local "farm" that has finally opened. They had hardly any produce, but we got to pet the goats and look at the bunnies. We also took a look at their garden section (it's pretty impressive). Chris (my mother-in-law) got us both a bird house and I am so excited to put it up! Still trying to decide where the perfect spot for it is... After the farm we went to good ol' Five Guys. Their potatoes just happened to be from Rexburg that day so I had James stand on a chair and take a picture. Because he's our Rexburg baby and when will this opportunity ever happen again.
After our delicious lunch we headed over Hendricks Park aka the rhododendron garden. It is beautiful right now, everything in spring bloom.
These boys- killer! Loooove this pic!
Saturday was a full day. We headed out to go to the Cascades Raptor Center and got distracted by the Saturday Market Eugene has every week. Though it's a bit overpriced for me at times, I just love to go and see the different vendors and people. It was really crowded by the time we got there, so we skipped having lunch there (but did get Red Wagon Creamery! best ice cream in town).
After a quick stop at Qdoba for lunch, we got back in the car to go to the Raptor Center. It is so special to be able to see such beautiful creatures up close. I won't ever get over the majesticness of the bald eagle. James really fell for them this time. They had an outside chalkboard that said, "Who is your favorite bird?". We told the kids what it said, and James picked up a piece of chalk and got to work on drawing his favorite bird- the bald eagle. I have never seen him draw a bird and he did a dang good job, if I do say so myself. He made sure that the beak had a curve at the tip and diligently drew those feathers.

Seeing as how we were out of diapers, Target became our next stop :) Wonderful surprise for me was running into a Young Woman from our old ward! It was so great to`see and talk to her- it's been too long since I've seen all those girls! Anyway, after Target it was getting late and we were all tired so we headed home. Once the boys were in bed I got started on making a rustic apple pie. Jim and Chris were leaving Sunday morning and it just so happened to be Jim's birthday that day. Had to do something! We had a great night talking and enjoying each other and eating apple pie.
Sunday saw us family-less. We feel so blessed to have had both our families take the time, energy, and effort to come and see us up here in Oregon. We love them all and so greatly loved their company. Hopefully we'll see them sooner than later!

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