A Coastal Visit

We just wrapped up an awesome weekend over here. Friday morning, my parents finished up their drive from California to spend the weekend with us (being Easter and my 30th birthday and all... aaahh, my thirties!!). We were all so excited to have them here- so much so the boys had to call them when they were ten minutes away to make sure they were coming. Friday was play time, shopping, and spending time together. 

Saturday was a trip to the beach. It's been far too long since we've been and the boys were anxious to get out to that ocean. We drove to Florence, had lunch, walked around the town a bit, got rained on, and then headed to the beach. We got to the beach later than I had planned, but it really worked out for the best. The rain was done for the day and it finally started warming up. It was still windy, but it was lots of fun regardless. James has always been great with sand and water, Gavin took a loooong time to warm up to sand, and Jack has been a little young (for me) to regularly take them to the ocean and be able to enjoy it. This trip really proved how much they've grown and can really love being at the coast. Gavin did great in the sand and even went in the ocean (aka the tide coming in) with me a few times. We had to stop James waiting for the tide because he was just soaked. But having fun! Jack did not like the cold ocean water, but man did he love the sand. He was sand diving, rolling, and just straight up having a love affair with the sand. Brad would even throw him into the sand like it was snow. Of course he loved it. 
 Jack getting thrown on the sand
 Sand. Lover
 My parents are adorable. And Californian so freezing their bums off
 I love this man so much
 Family selfie... minus the dad. Oops
It was so much fun to show my parents the coastal town we frequent and have the boys enjoy being there so much. I'm hoping we make it out more than a few times this summer. We'll see if I'm brave enough to take the three by myself...

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  1. Was certainly had a fun weekend! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!