My Temple Day

What a day today has been! A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day. 
1- Last week my sister volunteered to watch the boys so we could go to the temple. I hate to say this, but I haven't gone in far too long. Having kids one after another and trying to keep my head on straight has taken a lot of time and energy for me :) And to even think about going up to the Portland temple is a two-hour drive, both ways. Plus the time inside. I know it's not that bad, that a lot of people have it worse. But this is the farthest I have ever lived from a temple and it definitely makes things difficult with three little kids. Rach and I settled on times and what not and today arrived. Brad and I embarked to Portland at seven and got there before nine. Perfect :) The only thing that sort of dampened the trip was I completely forgot our camera. I love taking pictures of the temple, so I was bummed. Oh well. Camera phone time! 
Being at the temple brings me such peace and happiness. It brings our families together forever. There is nothing like it in the world. If you want to know more about forever families and the purpose of temples, follow this link
2- As we were leaving, Brad remembered that he needed some things from Deseret Book/Distribution and we turned around to go there. There was a door on the sign saying that Corbin Allred would be signing his new movie (or whatever!) at noon. It was almost 11:30. I was hoping we would be there to see/meet him- I've been a fan for a while! We got our things, then I remembered a few extra items I needed to look at (trying to figure out what to give the kids in my CTR 7 class when they are baptized this year and then a New Testament children's story book for Easter for the boys). With that, we were able to see him come! Ok, if you don't know Corbin Allred off the top of your head, he's been in a few things you might know about- I originally know him from a TV show called "Teen Angel" in '98. My sister and I loved that show and were so sad they canceled it after one season. He's also the boy in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" that screams/yells from being chased in the beginning. More recently he is in "Saints and Soldiers", which takes place during WWII. Very good movie, it's on Netflix. Go watch it. Also "Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed", also on Netflix. He has a new movie that came out, "The Saratov Approach", which is based on a true story about two LDS missionaries who were kidnapped in Russia. Haven't seen it, I'm sure it's good. Anyways, he came in a bit early and a few people went up to get his autograph and picture. I was acting like a total nerd and was getting all nervous, not even sure if I wanted to bother him. Brad made me do it. What a good husband. Seriously. When we get there, there really wasn't anyone behind us so we talked to him for a while. Very nice, very cool and just a great guy. Brad talked for us (because I was tongue tied and shy) and said we loved him in "Saints and Soldiers" and it's been a while since "Men in Tights". He laughed and I then said, "I've been a fan since 'Teen Angel'." He was like, "Whoa, that show was in like '98? It's been a while." We then talked about how my sister and I were sad it got canceled, but he told me it was good because it let him be able to go on his mission to Australia. Then he asked Brad where he served (Guatemala) and he asked if he knew an Elder Clyde. Brad said  no. Corbin (we're on a first name basis, apparently) said that it's one of his best buddies and old roommates, KC Clyde. "Oh, he's another actor. He's in... you know 'The Best Two Years'?" I said, YES that is my favorite LDS film! We couldn't quite remember which one KC Clyde played and he said he's the main actor, the Elder who struggles with being on the mission. Love him in it. Well, being the silly girl I am, I started geeking out a bit, and said, "HE'S your best friend?? He's SO good in that movie!!" Corbin: "You know what, how about I call him on the phone and you can talk to him yourself? Hold on..." Yeah, I was blushing and completely mortified/nervous/excited this was all happening. I know they aren't well known, but I've really loved their roles and what they stand for. Just so awesome. He gets KC on the phone and tells him he has a fan (oh my gosh... that word sounds so silly when it's about you...) who wants to talk to him. He tells him my name and hands me his phone. 

KC: hello? He..Hello?
Me: *ahem* Hi, KC, how are you?
KC: *laughs* I'm good, I'm good, how are you?
Me: *nervous giggle* ME? Oh, I'm fantastic
KC: that's great. So you're seeing Corbin? He's a good guy, he's really great.
Me: Yeah, he really is. Look, I just wanted to say I loved you in "the Best Two Years"...
KC: oh, why thank you
Me:... *basically talking over him because I'm trying to get it all out*... and I have to say the part where you bear your testimony is my favorite part and it always get me. So thank you.
KC: Well, thank you, Amy
Me: Ok, well, have a great day! Thanks... *hands back phone*
We talked some more with Corbin (which I won't bore you with, this is getting long!) and got our picture and left. 
I immediately called my sister who geeked out with me (gotta love sisters). I couldn't stop smiling. What a DAY! The temple, walking the beautiful spring grounds, meeting an actor we really like and respect, talking to another one on the phone... holy cow! 

3- Panera for lunch. Delish. Enough said.

4- My sister and her boyfriend staying late to hang and eat dinner with us. They are both awesome and amazing. I truly don't think they understand what their service meant to us, watching the boys for so long. 
Today the sky was blue. The spring flowers were out. Wild daffodils were all over the place. The grass is the perfect shade of green. The weather wasn't too cold. It was a special day and I will remember it forever. I cannot wait to go back to the temple and bask in its peace. My soul feels calm. I feel fed. Life is good and beautiful.


  1. I'm so grateful that you had such a wonderful day! It was nearly perfect. :)

  2. So fun that you got to meet an actor you like and talk to another! You look great. Glad you got to go to the temple. Anytime you want to go and can't get a babysitter, bring up your boys and we'll watch them for you. We can have breakfast/lunch/dinner together, whatever. I'm serious.