A Random Assortment

I've tried at least four times over the last month writing a new post. And it turns into my yammering on and on... it looks like that's what this post is going to have to be. Because that's what it's like inside my head and in our lives :) Lots of yammering and stuff going on. 

First off and most recent, our weekend was spent mostly cooped up inside. Reason one, a snow storm hit Thursday night and all day Friday. Then on Saturday we had freezing rain and everything was encased in ice. Seriously, it was gorgeous and iced. I would have gotten pictures if I wasn't stuck to the couch. Yup, sick this weekend- Brad, James, and I with nasty colds. Luckily the parents got the worst of it so the boys got to be crazy, watch movies, get easy and yummy food, and play all day long while Brad and I tried to rest as much as possible. Yesterday the snow started melting and today lots more is gone and we are back to feeling human. 

We are concentrating on more house projects, trying to get a move on things. Our current project is putting side shelves in the boys' closets. I hate closets. Ah, let me elaborate. I hate the wasted space in closets. The area on the sides?? What the heck. So we have been getting the shelves ready to install, though it was postponed due to the colds. Right now we have the boys dresser in their closet because there isn't really a good spot for it in the room. And I don't like wasting room space for a dresser. Once the shelves are put in, we're going to have their clothes go in baskets/drawers so they can still get to them really easy. Boom, useful space. In Jack's room, if we do it (which I hope we do), it'll be more for toy organization. I have a few other ideas, but we'll see when we get to them.

A major thing we are waiting on right now is bookcases. We've had our bookcases from Target for... almost six years now? After we moved to Rexburg (can it really be that long ago we moved there?? makes me sad). They've gotten a decent beating through the years. And I am ready for something new and different! I have my eye on this shelving unit
I love the idea of the back being open, staining/painting it to our own taste (dark wood or a grey color?), and having enough room for our books, pictures, and decor. It's pretty massive and just happens to be slightly smaller than our large room's back wall. Perfection. Just have to wait for a good weekend for a Portland trip! Because I am not going with my three boys... more like I'm not going without my husband's muscles! I'm also hoping to get lots of baskets and organizing items there to help get everything in order here more. I love me some IKEA.

On the topic of furniture- couches. I loathe couch shopping. It. Just. Sucks. We'd like to get a new one due to ours looking a bit beat up. The piping is coming off (thank you, baby James and then brothers), the color isn't doing much for us, the fabric is stained... we need an update. It is over eight years old. We'v done lots of furniture shopping in stores and online, and we are under impressed. We feel like the prices aren't matching what we would be getting. We do have a certain style we are absolutely in love with (English Arm Roll- swooooon), but we feel like maybe we ought to wait a few years to take the plunge with the boys being so young. They'll still be rowdy and messy in a few years, but at least they'll be better listeners (one can hope...). So now our question is- do we DIY reupholster/slipcover our beloved couch (it is terribly comfy and cozy, still greatly padded, long and somewhat deep) or buy a cheaper couch until we feel more comfortable spending the money on a nice couch? Or just spend the money?? What to do, what to do (and if we DIY the upholstery, does any one have a certain fabric they'd recommend or process?? i've been looking up linen and twill fabric mostly). We are gearing up to reupholster some wingbacks. We snagged two wingback chairs off craigslist for a steal. It has great fabric, but just not the feeling we are going for. We bought fabric for one and are waiting for some free time (and good amount of energy, if that will ever happen) to tackle that task. I'm super scared and super excited to do it!

I recently joined education.com for the boys. So glad I did! Took me long enough... I've been meaning to for a while, but I have the worst memory. I haven't delved too much into it, but what we've done so far (some coloring and letter pages) have been a big hit. I put the boys pictures on the fridge and they keep taking them down and showing each other, complimenting one another, and loving their own. James is really into tearing out pieces of paper and writing "notes" and asking us what it says. We're always wrong. Imagine that :)

We have been having regular scripture study this year. This warms my heart. If we forget, the boys quickly (and excitedly) remind us that we need to read. They love saying the scriptures and asking us what words mean and what is happening. Hearing their sweet voices and not perfect English read the scriptures... oh, it is just so amazing and special and sweet. Makes up for the wiggles they inevitably get during it :) Watching their love of the scriptures and of our Savior, Jesus Christ, grow is truly a beautiful thing.

There aren't any pictures on this post for a reason... I just found my camera today. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it for a few weeks now. I don't know what's wrong with me. BUT on the camera front we are hoping to be investing in a DSLR soon! We feel like it's about time and we really want to start capturing better images of our lives and our boys. The one we are leaning towards (as in 99% sure it's "the one") is the Canon t3i. Not too complicated for beginners (that's us!), but still captures great images. 

Ta-da-- the end! Good job if you read all this babbling.

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  1. It warms my heart when I learn that our grandchildren are having scripture study and learning to love our Savior, Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father. I love it when our children walk in righteousness; teaching theirs to do the same.