Five Years Old

James turned five. FIVE. I don't think I'll ever get over my kids getting one year older every year. 
Just hours old. So freaking sweet
James is such a wonderful little boy. Some things about him-

- still a huge lover/cuddler. unfortunately his brothers are not. they tolerate it... to a certain point
- loves to learn... but is easily, easily distracted
- has a wonderful imagination. and he loves to tell us, "am i using my imagination??" or "isn't this great imagining??"
- loves books. i have a feeling once he starts reading, there'll be no stopping him
- fan of all super heroes. i can't even tell you how many batman, superman, spiderman, and other heroes we have
- is very considerate to others. he wants everyone to be happy
- is such a sensitive and sweet little guy
- energy. energy. energy. and then there'll probably be even more energy
- loves the outdoors. we're hoping to do some family hikes soon and we know he'll be in heaven
- wants to be a paleontologist or pilot when he grows up
- has an easy and beautiful smile
- the gospel is starting to mean more to him. he surprises me with what he gets and will sometimes start talking about how Heavenly Father will listen to us and Jesus loves us. such sweet and special moments to see his testimony starting to sprout and grow
- loves to dress up
- he also loves to get dressed... and change... multiple times a day...
- aaaand he loves to notice what someone is wearing in a story (or tell us what the person is wearing if we are making up a story). loves clothes. and boots. loooooves boots
- is so very excited to start kindergarten this year
- loves to be creative- either drawing or play-doh or whatever we're doing

James is such a special boy and I'm so grateful for him. He is an amazing big brother and just loves having his brothers be his best buds. He gives hugs and kisses out easily and loves to comfort. I love watching him grow, and am so impressed with who he is. I really look forward to watching him make his way in the world and hope our home can be his sanctuary and we can help guide him in the years to come. 

His birthday was great. We started the day out right- with donuts. It was just James and I who went to get them, and it was a bit chillier than he had anticipated. When I told him we needed to go get chocolate milk too, he replied with, "No, let's just make it at home. I'm too cold!" He just wanted to be in his warm car and then the warm house! 
After breakfast the boys played while I made the cake. I must have left it too long to cool in the pan (dagnabit!) and it kind of-almost fell apart on me. But it didn't! And it worked! Though frosting was a bit tricky to not get the cake all mixed on it. Originally, James had wanted Spider-Man. I felt more confident I could do it this year (as opposed to last year...). And true to little kid style, a few days before the big day he changed his mind to a Batman cake. Good thing I hadn't bought the cake and supplies yet :) Batman it was! Turned out pretty cool, I think. Tasted good, and that's all that really matters.
We gave the boys a small lunch and then opened presents. We had wanted him to open his gifts early so it's not so  much at night time. He loved everything he got. After presents we had the Batman cake. 
 First thing he says after putting on his new zip-up vest- "do i look like Han Solo?" Heck yes
We went and played at the park by my parent's house and walked back for dinner. We had one of his favorites- homemade mac and cheese, hot dogs, and broccoli. It didn't disappoint. It was a great day and he was so excited to finally be five! 

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