The Boys

This post is mainly because I 1-realized I have actually taken pictures that I haven't put on here yet and 2- took a video of (mainly) Gavin dancing the other day that is just too cute not to put on here.

Big event happened here last month- the crib is down! This picture is a bit before we actually took it down. Jack and Gavin were obsessed with filling it with their stuffed animals and climbing in.
Just me and the James. Love this boy.
We took the boys to the movies for the first time- Frozen! We all liked it. The definite highlight was Olaf. The younger two weren't a big fan of the "dark" parts of seeing the movie (trailers and lights going out at the beginning). Extra bonus was we found out my sister and her boyfriend were actually coming down to see the same movie, at the same time. Made it even more fun.
Going, going... GONE. SO happy the crib is down. Jack had a bit of a rough time adapting to a bed (which was weird, because James and Gavin had no problem and Jack loves their beds), but he's loving it now. Especially now that he realizes he can get up and open the door and come see us. Super fun trick (or not). Next up- potty training.
James is such a poser. He is so my child. Here he has all his adventure get up stuff on and I just had to take a picture. He loves to role play and has such an amazing imagination.
Valentine's Day! It was so great here! The night before I cut out a bunch of hearts and taped them to the door so the boys would have a heart attack when they woke up. James was the last one to wake up and when he saw it he said, "Oh, this is so sweet!". We then had pink heart pancakes and strawberries, heart shaped sandwiches and heart cut bananas for lunch, a baggie of m&m's and Reese's hearts (which was not consumed in one day, thank goodness), made sugar cookies, tried to deliver them to neighbors but it was pouring rain, and just had a wonderful day. 
One of the boys' favorite shows is Daniel Tiger on PBS. I swear, I love that tiger. The boys learn so much from that show, it's insane. Anyways, one of the segments had kids making crowns and James and Gavin just thought that was the COOLEST thing to do. After I found our art supplies (hello still-not-totally-moved-in-yet-doubt-we-ever-will-be!) and got some glitter glue, we made these bad boys. Gotta say, lots of fun. I think only one of them have survived, and these were made last week. Pretty impressive. 
 This little boy is just full of charm and love these days- seriously cannot get enough of my baby.
We love music in our household. Love. Gavin is really finding what he likes and what he likes is the harder rock. Not hard rock, but definitely not pop or soft songs. He also likes it LOUD. All three of them love to break out into the "We Will Rock You" chorus. They know "Radioactive" by heart. James favorite song is "Madness" by Muse. We're also big fans of Capital Cities "Safe and Sound". Like boys dancing like crazy in their car seats. If a good song is on, we can't leave the car until it's over. And I have to be quick to turn the radio off in case something else comes on or it's meltdown city. I seriously need to make a playlist for our car because they have some definite favorite songs. With this boost of love for music lately and my discovery that the Roku has Pandora, we've been listening and dancing to music a lot lately. I could watch them dance all day, it's so dang funny. What a great way to burn off excess energy! So I captured a snippet of Gavin dancing. Mind you, he was waaay more into it before I started recording but he tends to realize when a camera is on so I feel pretty lucky that I got this. Enjoy :)

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