Our Home So Far

I realized today that I have not posted one thing about our house since we actually moved. This post is being written to rectify the mistake and give a bit of an update and what not. 

First off- the move. Holy heavens. I hate moving. Despise. Loathe. Tear my hair out. Boo. I don't so mind unpacking and getting somewhere new. It's the gosh dang process getting there that absolutely drives me crazy. Packing is of the devil, I tell ya. That being said, this was probably one of the best and smoothest moves we've had. Which is pathetic seeing as how we have way more stuff and three little boys to "help" and get in the way. But it wasn't a quick decision to move this time around and I had actually started packing unessentials way back in April. Then when we knew we really were moving, I packed a few boxes a day the whole month so there wasn't a whole lot left when crunch time came. We got the keys on a Saturday and immediately started bringing boxes over and getting painting done. Move day was the next Tuesday and we had some great help from our ward loading and unloading. Then the rest of the week was cleaning and taking straggler stuff back home (which was so much more than I thought and I could not wait for it to allll beeee overrrrr). Huge blessing was the Young Women agreeing to use their mutual to come clean our apartment. I love those girls so much- because who shows up to a cleaning mutual?? These girls do and they amazed me and almost all the Young Women came to help us out- touched me so much. It was such great fun and I'll always be grateful to them for giving of themselves and helping us out. What took two hours would have easily taken me all day, if not longer. By that Friday, we turned in our keys and were 100% in our house! Phew! 

Next up has been painting. The colors of the house weren't awful... just not us. We tried to get all the bedrooms painted before we moved, but we were only able to get one room completely done and started on another. The boys shared a room while we completed the other room, which they quite loved. Not only have we been painting walls, but we've been painting the trim. Oh, the trim. It was awful. Literally made me cringe. It's been so nice to have crisp, white trim! Makes such a difference. 
Jack's (and Gavin shared it up until recently) room we painted a light creamy color. We were surprised at how much we loved this color.
James' (and now Gavin's) room we painted blue. Which I did not want. We were going to do a neutral color again and I suggested to James that maybe we paint the ceiling blue (the previous owners left glow-in-the-dark stars and he fell in love with that room instantly). He loved the idea, then decided he'd rather have the walls be blue. Hey, it's his room. So blue it is.
Our room we painted grey. I love grey. Our whole house would be grey if I didn't restrain myself. We couldn't believe how hard it was to find the perfect grey- not too dark, not too light, not too blue, not too green, not too purple, not too brown, etc. We love our grey- just a good ol' grey.
The rest of the room is teeerribly messy so this is all you get for now :)
Our family room, living room, kitchen, and hallways are this creamy yellow color. We originally were going to go with a more white color, but we felt we wanted a more colorful neutral. Right now it's a bit powerful, but once furniture starts coming in and pictures and a bookcase all are added, it'll definitely play out. I love it. Yellow is so happy. I want our house to be relaxing and a retreat, and this color is that to me. Just brightens and opens it up.
Sorry this isn't a better picture!
The bathrooms still need new color, but no rush.

Soon we will be tackling  furniture and decor. We're trying not to rush the furniture department and shop the holiday and post-holiday sales. There will also be some more intense home projects coming up in the next few months, but for now I am relishing a break from all things "house". More into unpacking and organizing at the moment. And getting rid of lots :) We love being in our home and feel so blessed to be here. We miss our old ward, but have felt so welcome in our new ward. We look forward to putting more time into our home and making it ours even more.

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  1. Love the colors! Love your home. It is so you!