Our Snowy Week

Usually when it snows here, it stays for the day. Maybe the next... Maybe. Until this year. Last Friday called for snow and snow it did. Apparently it snowed Thursday night, but I didn't notice. Anyways, Friday we woke to snow on the ground. The boys were so excited to go out and play, but it wouldn't stop snowing. I told them once it stopped (because it always does here), we'd go out. It didn't stop. Once I realized this, we all got bundled up and went outside to PLAY! I was a little worried that Gavin and Jack would not have fun and we'd have to go in early. Not so- all of them were such champs and just enjoyed being outside. After we got thoroughly freezing,we headed back inside, where we watched the snow continue to fall the rest of the day- around 7-8 inches total!
 I may not be a fan of snow, but I won't deny how beautiful it can be
The weather forecast called for below freezing weather the rest of the week. What the heck? Our week's schedule just cleared up and we stayed home almost all week. Brad took my car to work since his tires are not suited for such weather :) It was fun and relaxing to take a break from errands and going out. One day we made homemade play-doh and played with it for a couple of hours.
 I taught James how to make a puppy- such a good job!
 Can you believe that stink face?? Such a two-year old
And we played in the snow every day, taking advantage of it while we still had it.
 Night time snow fights with Daddy
One week from the snowfall and we finally saw it melt away. There are still some patches of snow here and there, but for the most part it's all gone. The meteorologist said the last time the snow stayed for this long was in '93 and that was for 9 days. The record is from the '60s and is at 15 days. See- not normal for it to stay long here! 

Now that the snow is gone, Christmas shopping has started. And I am almost done! Thank heavens. 


  1. I'm happy, happy, happy that, a) the boys got to really experience snow, b) that I did not! :) I LOVE Jack-Jack's stink face...he is stinkin' cute! Glad your shopping's nearly done!

  2. SO MUCH SNOW! The first day is fun, but waiting for it to melt! Brings back Rexburg memories...