The Holidays, Part One

This year (past year?) we went down to California to see our parents for Christmas and James' birthday. Before we left we had the boys open some gifts so we didn't take everything with us. I had planned on giving them more, but didn't. I wish I had just let them go at all the gifts from us, but I forgot that they'd get awesome presents from both grandparents. Ah well. They still enjoyed getting the early presents... though they did not love leaving them here. Presents were- bunch of books, pirate chest with gold doubloons, eye patch, and jolly roger flag, Legos, and heavy wooden blocks. Lots of little pieces and heavy items, hence why we didn't want to take them with us!
 These boys love each other so much
 Jack didn't want to be left out of the hug sesh
We left Saturday morning to get there in the evening time. The drive went great. Long drives are so much better without a baby in the backseat! Sunday we went to my parent's ward, which is the ward we went to the two times we lived at my parent's house. We love going there and seeing old friends. And they sure love seeing our adorable little boys (who wouldn't... c'mon). 
 James is consoling Gavin... who was upset for some reason or another
Group hugs always help
Monday found us adults minus Nana plus Papa Jim (Brad's dad) at the shooting range. The plan was to start at the pistol range, then go to the shotgun range. We never made it to the shotgun range- next time. Or when they come up here :) I've never shot a handgun before- so. dang. fun. I'm trying to remember all the ones I shot- a 9mm, .45, revolver (ho boy, loooved that gun), and another cool gun from Jim's arsenal. 
 Rachel and her boyfriend Thomas- adorable, right?
 Being Wolverine, obviously
Later that day, we went to Bass Pro for the boys to see Santa. The wait was insaaaane. We had to get a pass with a designated time and everything. Which I wouldn't have minded if it wasn't so dang crowded in the kid area. Two hour wait. Luckily, we got in about an hour earlier than planned. The boys were super cute and no meltdowns. Woot!
 James did surprisingly well shooting...
 ...while Gavin could barely hold the gun. Haha!
Only a few days there, and we were already having a blast. More to come of our holiday in Cali!


  1. We're so happy you came!! What fun we all had! :)

  2. Your boys are so cute and sweet in those PJ pictures.