Sister Time

This past Saturday I left "early" (8:45am... 45 minutes late...) to head to my sister's new abode up in Philomath, OR. Rach has gone back to school in Corvallis at OSU and is starting down the road to become a registered dietitian. Isn't she awesome? She really is. I had some food to give her as well as lend her some books, so we decided to make a (half) day of it- she volunteers at the Portland temple 2-3 times a month on Saturdays and had to head up there later. 

After passing her house three times and missing it and wondering where on the dead end street she lived, we finally found each other. We headed out to the donut place just a block or so from her house. We tried a buttermilk donut- holy yum. It's like an old-fashioned, but not. Trust us, it's delish. From there we went to a local thrift store. Rachel found a pair of Sperry's for $6. This girl and her luck at thrift stores, I tell you what. I had just gotten excited at finding a man's tie that had crowns on it that I am going to make into a tie for the boys. Quickly trumped. Next was the Corvallis outside food market- we loooove a good food market! It was much smaller than Eugene's (which is massive, in my opinion. and wonderful), but I think it was just great and had so much yumminess to choose from. 
We then headed to the OSU campus and walked around. I think I said, "oh my gosh" a million times. Brick buildings- it's love for me.
Before I went on Saturday, I tried to find several places that sounded good to eat for lunch. Corvallis isn't very big, so my list was pretty short. Like one thing sounded good to me. Rach had a few suggestions, but we went with what I found- a small, kind of dive-ish, Greek restaurant. Both got lamb gyros with saffron rice. Holy cow... might be the best gyro I've ever had. We both saved half of ours... and I ate the rest right when I got home. Just that good. 
It was so good to get away and spend a few hours with my sister. I realized on the way there that I haven't been getting my time away from home as much as I used to before the move. I'm just drained by the end of the day and we are so busy painting and organizing our house still. So no errands for me at night lately.  I also used to have mutual once a week, but since switching wards, that calling is over (miss those girls). This trip was much more needed then I thought and I'm so grateful I got to spend it with my best friend. 

And I guess I only got this picture on my camera of "us"... the other ones are on my phone. Which I could put on my computer, but why bother when this one is just so great :)


  1. Looks like a fun day! Glad you got to go and be with Rach. :)

  2. A little day trip is always so fun. Glad the food was yummy!

  3. Best day ever! Your pictures turned out so good. I didn't realize we had that much sun that day. I definitely needed sister time too. It's draining being us. ;)