Halloween 2013

I cannot believe Halloween is already over! October flew by. We had so much fun this year and the boys did awesome trick-or-treating.

Gavin is so funny... he doesn't mind saying what he thinks. We got caught up having the same people behind us trick-or-treating and the mom had an elaborate witch costume on. After seeing her at least three times and going to the next house, Gavin says, "Oooh, kewl witch costume!" (yeah, he says "cool" more like "kewl"). It was so funny and sweet. The boys loved seeing all the costumes out and all the fun decorations at the different houses. There was a replica of the Wicked Witch of the West at one house, and when you walked by she cackled and said quotes from The Wizard of Oz. James generally gets scared by things like that, but not this time. This time he was completely entranced. So entranced that no one could get his attention to get the candy in his bucket. I finally got through for him to say "thank you" or "Happy Halloween". He said "Happy Halloween" to the guy at the door and then he said, "Happy Halloween... witch!" Even after we left for the houses across the street, he was still talking and staring at her when he could. So funny.

This year the boys were a mummy, a spider, and a skeleton (hooray for re-using a costume!). They were a for sure hit wherever they went! Such cute and spooky boys :)
 Putting on the charm
 I had to put the flash on and got this picture- I thought it made him look like a perfect mummy :)
Already excited for next year! I have so many ideas for the boys and I can't wait to see what we do!

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  1. Great costumes! So different than the princesses and bunnies we have at our house. :) Side note, my kids call mummies "mommies"! So funny!