Halloween 2011

We have been having lots of fun around here for Halloween... brace yourselves for picture overload

We got ourselves an extra pumpkin to carve last week. We were going to go the traditional jack-o-lantern route but decided to add a kitty twist to it. We tried to get James to help get the guts out of the pumpkin... but I'm pretty sure he only put his hand in once. Maybe next year he won't mind the stringy guts. 
Last Friday was our ward's Trunk-or-Treat. Seriously, such a genius idea. It was my first outing since having little Jack and it was oh so nice to be out and about and see familiar faces. James had a blast with the Not-So-Spooky Alley the Primary did- a room with balloons all over and a few "scary" items. May have been a few tantrums on leaving that spooky room... 
I was so excited for the boys to wear their costumes. I made them a couple weeks before Jack was born. I got the idea here. They looked oh so cute. Jack was a pumpkin. Or more appropriately worded, pumpkin themed. He also looked beyond cute. I am getting so excited thinking of all the Halloweens with these boys and hoping they let me do themes as long as possible! Too much fun!
Halloween day was packed with lots of Halloween themed food and fun. Rach made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with chocolate chips for a face. Yum! 
Then we adorned our faces with some awesome tattoos...
Lunch time was mummy dogs and Halloween shaped mac and cheese. The pasta was a last minute addition found at Target before lunch- not going to lie, super excited when we saw it. 
My mom and sister made Nutter Butter ghost cookies. The rumor is that these are mighty good as well, but I will probably never know because I don't like Nutter Butters. So I'll take their word for it.
We then made dessert for the night- Dirt Dessert. I used to love this when I was younger- so much fun! The boys didn't have theirs last night because we were a little late getting out for trick-or-treating. We tried to give some to James today but he wouldn't eat it. He may have convinced himself that it's real mud in the cup... oh well. Mommy dutifully finished it for him.
Brad didn't have to go to school due to a professor having surgery last week so he was able to be home all day (though still had to do school work... blah) but he was able to take a break for a bit and play with us outside. The boys had lots of fun having their daddy run after them and playing in the leaves

and Jack stayed inside
After dinner (which was taco soup- not very Halloween-y but still great) we got the boys all ready to head out trick-or-treating. It was so much fun taking the kids! This is our first year trick-or-treating. James first year he was only 10 months so we weren't about to take him around, last year it was on Sunday (and James had a super bad fever), so this was our first year! And our third First Halloween in a row. Sheesh. The boys did great. Our first house was a bit dramatic (which just happened to be a member of our ward, thank goodness). James didn't quite get it we weren't supposed to go in the house and was convinced we had to go in. Luckily not too much drama and didn't try to do that again. Gavin was great at walking up and taking one piece of candy and trying to say "trick-or-treat". After an hour of some awesome fun, we headed home to see the spoils of our adventure. Then the boys headed to bed. 
It was one of the best Halloweens and I so look forward to having fun with my boys next year!


  1. (I can't believe you are a mommy of 3 boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!) sorry, that was my first reaction looking at your pics!

    You are the BEST mummy (lol) EVER for all that fun halloween stuff!!!!! I'm still trying to find the balance of halloween AND Brinley's birthday. I sucked at Halloween this yearbut I did a good job at her b-day stuff.

    LOVE the costumes! SOOO cute!!!!

  2. I loved James calling the hot dog mummies 'mummy' and 'daddy' - he didn't quite get the concept, but he loved it! You are a much more fun mommy than I ever was, but that goes without saying!

  3. sheesh. i don't know how you do it all, but your an amazing mom!

  4. You guys are so cute, I just love their costumes. Such a cute family and I totally miss you guys and playing games with you guys.

  5. Love your take on the costumes! Mike helped someone else make the original idea this year. Love all the Halloween food you guys did too. Hope you're healing well.

  6. First, you look amazing. Second, so glad your mom and sister could help make the holiday special and finally, please PLEASE kiss baby Jack's adorable cheeks. Oh my he is so cute. Oh, and the costumes turned out great :)

  7. Seriously, Lucas didn't think much of the guts either...maybe next year. But those are super cute costumes! I'm glad you got some pictures!