Blessing Day

Last week we blessed little Jack. Due to possible work issues for my dad and surgery for my father-in-law in the upcoming months, we realized it was the best time to do the blessing with having our parents here. And that is what is important. 
It was a beautiful blessing and, of course, made me a little teary-eyed. Something so special about a little spirit being blessed and given a name. Jack wore the same blessing outfit both James and Gavin wore for their blessings- I have loved having each of my boys wear that special outfit. I was a little scared Jack wouldn't fit it but he did! After the blessing, we took pictures outside the chapel (which i don't have right now because they are on my mom's camera) and then headed back to our place. 
More pictures were taken, then my family had to leave. Definitely bittersweet seeing them go- having my mom and sister here was such a blessing. But the boys needed to get back to normalcy. The next day my in-laws left. It was great having them here, spend time with the boys, meet Jack, help us out, see the city and where we live. Hopefully it isn't too long before we see them all again.


  1. Little Jack! Oh how I love you!!! He is adooorable. I totally was a weepy mess at Brinley's blessing and you KNOW I will be even worse for the next one!

  2. So precious! Hope you're doing well with all 3 without family!

  3. that's neat that you've blessed all 3 boys in the same outfit. cute!!!