Maybe More to Come

I think I have decided something- I think I have decided that I am going to try to blog  more frequently. Not that I don't blog enough, but I would like to put more on here. I looked at my camera the other day (because it is finally fully charged- thank you, mom and dad, for letting me borrow your camera charger!!) and I have TONS of pictures I haven't put on here. Why haven't I?? I don't know- laziness? Probably. Do a lot of people read this? No. But I know family and a few friends do and I want them to see the randomness of our lives. So hopefully I'll be able to actually follow through with this goal. 

Moving on...

In light of my goal of posting randomness, we took the boys out to lunch the other day. Burger King! We don't eat out very much and we hardly eat fast food. The point of this lunch-out was this: crowns. Yup. James was so happy to get his- Rach had made him one the day before and he loved it. Kept calling himself a king. He's too cute, for reals. Anyways, he loved it. Gavin was... a bit indifferent. But that is a 15-month old for ya! He rocked the crown anyways.


  1. They are super cute! I, for one, am happy for the news that you will blog more! I love it!

  2. Yay! We love your randomness :) How else am I going to get my nephew fix??

  3. i'm all for it. bring on the day to day.