New and "New" Toys and One Month

On Halloween, a sister in our ward asked me if we would want a train table her kids didn't use anymore. Of course I said YES. Took me a while to actually go and get it (kept forgetting to call her)... but we finally got it Sunday! And brought it in yesterday. Needless to say, the boys are in love. One side is white (as seen below) and the other side of the top is grass and water. So cool. Right now it is being used for cars racing on top- James has train tracks, but Gav likes to steal them. This way minimal fighting goes on :)
Since Christmas is around the corner (can you believe that????) and we know the boys are getting some more toys, we decided we need to start putting some away to get ready for the newness. We took out the box of toys and put some away, and got very few out. One of the toys we got out was a dog we got James for his first Christmas. You know the ones that have the body parts and songs to sing to? We figured Gavin would really enjoy it since he is learning a bunch of songs and body parts right now. We were right. He loves it. And James has a new friend, too. My sister moved in with us last week and brought with her a mint green Care Bear. James quickly made friends with it and enjoys hugging, driving, and playing peek-a-boo with it. So our house is now being entertained by new toys and not so new toys. Love it
Not to leave little Jack out, here are recent pictures of our one-month old. Went by so fast (and sometimes not fast enough...)!


  1. Again, I am happy you and Rach are posting! I love the updates and the pics...such cuties!

  2. Seriously, kiss those cheeks on baby Jack for me! So cute! Awesome score on the play table. Sounds like your boys will get some serious fun out of it :)

  3. We have that same train table. I love putting away toys and bringing them out again. It's a great trick. KJ asked if James could come play the other day. We need to get together soon!

  4. i love the random picture of Gavin in the background of jack's shot. i think he must have been enthralled with how awesome vacuuming is. can't say i blame him.
    also your husband came up to me last night and was like "oh...look at this picture of James." it was the same one you had shown me earlier. apparently you both love your little boy.