Pumpkin Patch Birthday Weekend

I don't know how this happened, but I forgot to post pics from Jack's birthday celebrations. So here they are! I still cannot believe our baby is two. Two!! He certainly is milking being the baby still... it's so weird not having another to take that place. Some wonderful things about our Jack-Jack:

- generally a great eater, but definitely has his random picky moments. food to not give him- eggs and potatoes (weirdo)
- loves to talk and repeat. still working on pronunciation, but i'm pretty good at translating :) small sentences are more common and it's so fun to watch him think about what words he wants to say
- can count to 16. yes, 16. nice random number. he used to skip 7, but finally says it. now he'll skip it on purpose occasionally to be funny
- knows his ABC's... since like 18-months. thank you, big brothers!
- best buddies with his brothers. him and Gavin are two peas in a pod, for good and bad. James and him always have a cuddle session in the morning and on and off during the day- great cuddle buddies
- is definitely a two-year old. his terrible two's started around 20-months, but was ok. now it's full-on here. our third year in a row of terrible-two's! i'm ready for this stage to pass...
- such a sweet boy. one of his favorite things to do and say- come in for a hug/snuggle and say, "i love you, mama". well, actually, he says "daddy" to be funny and then corrects himself to "mama"
- loves to be funny!
- has been nap free since 20-months, which has been bitter-sweet. it was trying having all three, all day, all the time. but we've adapted and it's been nice to not have a time where we have to be home
- major trouble-maker. it's insane how much trouble he can cause
- obsessed with books. it's so important to have the love of reading instilled early, i'm so grateful our kids all love to read

Love that boy! Even if he keeps me on my toes constantly :) Jack's birthday was Monday, so the Saturday before we went to a local pumpkin patch and produce market to get some pumpkins. It was such a blast to go out to the patch and get our pumpkins off the vine. The boys made almost a game out of finding the gourds and weird looking pumpkins. 
Love these boys!
The birthday! Honestly, we really didn't do anything too special. We hung out, sang and said happy birthday several times throughout the day, had his fave dinner (homemade mac and cheese, broccoli, and hot dogs).
Instead of a cake, I made a chocolate cream pie. Hit!... except Jack and Gavin wouldn't eat the crust. Ah, well. James licked his plate clean :)
It really does not feel like it has been two years since this sweet boy has joined our family. It feels like he's been with us forever, but also like it was just yesterday we finally got to meet him. I love this little boy of mine with all my heart and am so grateful he is a part of our family.

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  1. For being such a big surprise he has sure turned out to be a wonderful one! He's growing up way too fast though.