All Gussied Up

Friday night was DATE NIGHT! I cannot even tell you the last time we went on a real date. I'm such a homebody. I also have a weird guilt thing about getting babysitters. Ugh, need to get over that... anywho...

Brad's company decided to have an early holiday party this year. We haven't been able to go before because of it being too far or just not working out with the kids, but since it was at the University this year we decided, hey why not?? My sister and her friend came down from Corvallis to watch the boys (and have a super awesome pizza-picnic-movie-night!). The dress called for formal-ish, so I got to get all gussied up. Luckily a few weeks before we moved, one of the mutual nights was a clothing swap. Well, I donated about five bags to that thing so I did not feel bad taking a few things myself :) One of the items I got (which was at the VERY end and I couldn't believe it hadn't been taken!) was a black Calvin Klein dress. Yes! Perfect! To jazz it up a bit I replaced the black belt it came with with a skinny red one, got some red heels, and I also added my lace slip extender to give the dress a little something extra. It was great fun to get all dressed up with Brad and enjoy spending time together! 
I didn't get any pictures of the party (ugh, I couldn't find my purses from the move so Brad had the camera and we just forgot to take pictures), but it was nice. They had a hall in the alumni center and dinner was grilled veggies, spinach salad, roasted potatoes (which were not out when we got there- boo), quinoa dish, and prime rib. Dessert was so many options! I chose an upside down pear cake and Brad got a caramel cheesecake and a chocolate cheesecake. I helped him polish them off :) After food was presentations, speeches, and prizes. I actually won a Starbucks gift card for tearing out a Christmas tree behind my back and decorating it. Go me! Alas, we did not win anything beyond that. Oh well :) They cleared the hall for dancing, but we left instead. 
All in all, a great night. Makes me realize maybe we should try harder to get out more often... :) Before we got in the car, I also made Brad take a picture of my outfit... in the parking garage. Who knows when this will happen again!