My Birthday Gift

This year for my birthday, I asked for a gun. I know, crazy. There are a few reasons, but the main one is self defense. 

A few months ago, Brad was out of town and I was alone at night with the boys. Night time came and I was heading to bed. I had forgotten something downstairs, where I had turned all the lights off. I quickly went down and walked by the garage door... where the light was on. I hadn't gone in the garage all day. Yeah... I sort of freaked out. I slowly backed away and went to my phone to call Brad, hoping he had accidentally left the light on. He had (because why would somebody sneak into your house, only to go into your crowded garage and leave the light on?? hindsight...)!! At that moment, I realized I had no idea how to use Brad's guns. No. Idea. That just wouldn't do.

When Brad came home, I had him teach me how to load his gun and unload and show me how to use it if it was loaded. Not going to lie, I had a bit of a hard time cocking it. With that, I was more determined than before that I needed my own gun. 

I started looking into handguns- holy expensive! I talked to my dad and he told me if self-defense was my main reason, than a handgun is not what I wanted. And that makes total sense (and experts say the same thing!). A handgun has one course. Just one bullet fired at where you point it. Now take a shotgun. Yes you have one bullet, but it has spread. So hitting your target (aka intruder) is a lot higher of a chance. And they are way less expensive and easy to handle. We did some research and headed out to our local Cabela's. I ended up getting the Weatherby Semi-Automatic 20 gauge. Last night, I finally got to use it!

We have been meaning to do a shooting date night, but... we just haven't. So I decided it was high time we did. I had planned on us going to a range, but Brad found out that it is only for pistols/short-range. Boo. But then he found a place in the beautiful Oregon countryside that was meant just for shooting and only 20 minutes away. And hey, the wilderness is free! Double woot! 

The drive alone was worth it. Seriously. 
We set up some target sheets and then did some skeet shooting. Next time, no skeets. Not quite ready for moving targets :) But man, was it fun. I was so nervous to shoot my gun for the first time! The only time I've used a gun was my freshman year of college, and it was a .22. Easy peasy. And we forgot ear plugs- I know, we're awesome. Luckily it wasn't that loud (well, mine. Brad's definitely rang our ears). Also, the kick in mine was not that bad. I feel like someone jokingly punched me too hard in the shoulder. Verdict- I love my gun and can't wait to practice some more. 
Getting ready to shoot!
Brad shooting his 12 ga
Skeet shooting
An accidental action shot


  1. Fun date! You look like a natural!

  2. Jonas is jealous. You look hot, if I'm allowed to say that without sounding weird. Awesome birthday gift, but now Jonas will always wonder why I can't be cook like you and ask for a gun for my birthday. :)

  3. So smart! Go girl! Ryan wants me to have a gun and that's smart to get a shot gun. Let alone they are intimidating looking!,

  4. Plan on getting one some day soon, too. I like one called "The Protector." :)
    Curious about safety precautions with little kids (it's a worry of mine), could you email me and give me some advice? I don't know anyone else with little kids with guns and would love to hear your ideas...