A Boy Turns Three

Little Mister Gavin turns three today. And what a three years it has been. This kid... man, this kid. 

Best way to describe Gavin-

- independent
- stubborn
- a ham. Such a goof!
- sweet
- helper
- mischievous
- picky eater
- creative

I told Brad to give me three words to describe Gavin. They are...

- smart (too smart...)
- humorous
- devious

And that was given without looking at my list! Gavin is loved by everyone. Him and Jack are becoming as thick as thieves (which is good and bad) and he just loves being and playing with James. It has been amazing to watch him grow over these years. He loves to sing songs. He learns things almost too quickly and easily, it amazes us. I can't even tell you how many notebooks he has gone through recently with all his drawings. He has a great imagination and just loves to play. 

While looking through his newborn pictures, we found this video. He was such a quiet baby-
Happy birthday, little big boy Gavin. We love you so!


  1. Happy birthday Gavin! Way to keep your mom on her toes.

  2. Happy Birthday! He sounds a lot like my middle daughter. :) Can't believe they are growing up so fast!!