Down vs Up

The tough moments of being a mother...
- breaking up fights
- whiny-ness
- stepping on toys
- cleaning toys
- not having enough hands/arms
- dinner time = torture/crazy time
- picky eaters
- guilting yourself constantly
- laundry. laundry. and wait... some more laundry
- and then there is forgetting laundry
- repeating yourself a bajillion times to no avail
- germs. hate hate hate germs!!!!!
- clean house can explode in about 5 seconds. don't see it coming. back at square -235.
- forgetting they are old enough to hear and repeat what you say- and therefore, repeat it to others
- did i mention whiny-ness??
- must-do dishes with little ones "needing" to be in your arms
- attitude rearing its ugly head already
- stubbornness
- needing to undo all folding of laundry
- lots of diaper changes in the day
- little hands reaching table/counter and grabbing the worst stuff possible
- emptying drawers fascination
- trash cans and toilet paper roll in weird places to protect them
- reading the same short book 10 times in a row, several times a day
- the innate want to run away from you, especially while in public and especially when it's most dangerous
- "selective" hearing disorder

Then there are the all too wonderful moments as well...
- best hugs
- sweetest kisses
- realizing they do listen and learn the important stuff
- hearing them say "I love you" umprompted
- the magical sound of their laughs
- imaginations at work
- falling asleep on you
- having them help you clean and love it
- cooking/baking with you in the kitchen
- having inside jokes
- they call you their best friend
- siblings playing and laughing together
- make believe with them
- morning cuddles
- they love the little things
- smiles
- love like no other
- being able to soothe their troubled spirits
- watching them sleep
- holding their hands
- seeing the world from their eyes
- good excuse to make a fort as an adult
- watching them grow right before your eyes
- hearing their sweet prayers
- kisses from mommy is the cure-all for all scrapes and sickies
- calming their tears
- their love of reading blossoming, even if it drives you bonkers at times
- leg hugs, because they need a hug so bad your legs will work. and they love it
- neck nuzzles

There is so much more, but I tell you what... the wonderful moments sure outshine the tough parts of being a mom. And that is something to remember every day. Makes it all worth it and then some.


  1. So true. The happy moments completely outweigh the crazy mommy moments but dang, in those moments I want to pull my hair out! Wanna know what hurts? Stepping on lego. OOOOUCH!

    Your boys are SO cute!

  2. I agree, good summary of tough vs. wonderful. And they don't usually mean to be difficult. It just comes naturally! :)

  3. Couldn't have written it better myself. I can exactly relate! You rock, you're a great mom :)

    be sure to send me your email address since all I have is your hotmail. Mine is christinemrshll (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Send it soon so I can email you! :)