Been on Vacation

This last Wednesday (mm... technically, barely Thursday), we returned from an almost week long trip to California. Brad's side of the family was having a reunion and since his parents house was brimming with people, we got to crash at my parent's house (which they did not mind at all. grandkid time!)

We left Thursday afternoon, got there early Friday, woke up, and got ready for the ZOO. We went to the Sacramento Zoo the summer before Jack arrived, and James loves to look at the pictures from that trip. He's wanted to go to a zoo in California for a while and we could not stop talking about it the week before we were headed down. This time, we headed to the Oakland Zoo. Oakland is quite the zoo, so I was also quite excited to go!
 Loooove this picture- adorable baby, handsome husband
 This monkey was showing off so much
 "Mommy, I'm swimming!"
The zoo was very much a success, though it certainly tired the boys out. A great way to start our vacation!

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