A Date With My Boy

One of our goals for this year was to start "dating" our kids. These little boys definitely need to have their parents to themselves every once in a while and feel extra special. Since we've been basically sick this entire year so far, I was able to finally take James on a date on Saturday! I was so excited to have him all to myself and spend time with him- it's been far too long. 

I had originally planned on Friday night, but then at mutual the girls were practicing basketball for their game on Saturday morning. Our family watched part of the bowl the Oregon Ducks went to and we watched part of the Super Bowl, and James has been really interested in learning and watching new sports since. So I changed plans and we went on a date to cheer on our girls and teach James about basketball. I certainly had a lot of fun (I played for three years and love the game) and James ate snacks and mostly had fun. His babysitter was one of the girls playing and he got to see her at half-time. Once the game started and we had to stay off the court, he had a harder time sitting still :) But we made it to the end (and we won!)! James loves taking pictures so he took the following...
and we got this next treat, too. He loves his new red shoes.
After the game, we headed to Target. Why? It is James' favorite place in the world. I mean, he gets to look at toys! We picked up some necessities and got some treats- leftover bag of Reese's peanut butter hearts, panda cookies, a Power Ranger (for half off!), and a sand castle form. Then we did something boring and picked up our groceries for the week.

Before we left, we took some pictures together.
We were trying to get some of just James, and Gavin came over and said, "Cheeeeeese!!" He is becoming quite good with posing (thank heavens!) and is just too cute.
It was so great to spend so much time with my James. I loved trying to make him feel special and that he got all my attention. Can't wait for my dates with my Gav and Jack :)


  1. Great pictures James!

    I love James and Gav holding hands...too cute!

  2. those boys are so obsessed with their gloves. and red shoes, apparently. I'm glad you are dating your kids. and that sounded completely normal, btw.