Lucky Me

Sickness has struck again. Oh, I am SO ready for winter and the stupid sick season to be over!!! Two weeks ago, James came down with a cold flu (he was on the couch for two days, doing nothing and hardly eating. so so so sad), which slowly trickled to the other two boys but luckily they didn't get it as bad. Blessings! And finally, Brad got it. Bad. Then this last Thursday James came down with pink eye and a slight cold. That was depressing to see. He kept telling me his eye was purple. He sure was a trooper, though. Then Gavin battled the cold. And now... now, the mom is finally sick. Boo. It's not a terrible sickness- just very inconvenient. My voice is totally gone, I can hardly swallow anything, my ears, neck, head, and throat are slowly killing me, my body aches, and I am super tired. It would be oh so nice if moms could get immunity, but alas, we cannot. Thankfully, I've got this guy:
Last night, Brad vacuumed the upstairs and changed the boys sheets. He secretly did two loads of laundry AND folded it. He emptied the dishwasher and put dishes in the dishwasher. Today he stopped by Costco to get some much needed items and came home early to take care of his sickie wife and needy kids. He made me a delicious omelet for dinner (he's got mad skills with omelets). He got the boys ready for bed and put them to bed. Right now he is finishing cleaning up the oh so messy downstairs. Brad  helps out a lot around here, but he is definitely doing extra chores right now- things that would bother me or pile up while I lay on the couch. Now I don't have to worry and can be happy while my body fights this stupid cold. 

Our relationship isn't perfect. We argue. We disagree. We let little things bother us (that is mostly me, because Brad is much more awesome than me and looks past the little things). Though it isn't sunshine and rainbows all the time between us, we sure do love each other and are pretty perfect for one another. I know no one else out there would treat me better than Brad and put up with me. I sure got a great one :)


  1. Wow! What a thoughtful husband/dad. I hope you feel better, and that you have good stuff to watch and read while you are sick. We haven't caught anything yet. It's only a matter of time . . .

  2. Yikes!!! Feel better!!! Gorgeous picture!

  3. What a guy! So sorry you're sick. That is no good. I often think how it would be nice to be sick so I could lay around, but it isn't ever as nice as I imagine it because I have three little kids to take care of too! :)