Around the Same Age

Jack turned 15-months on Monday. Our youngest is 15-months. Wow, that happened fast. Three more months and he will be in nursery with Gavin! I feel kinda guilty counting it down, but hey... it'll be nice to actually go to Sunday School and have no swapping every other week or so for who gets the baby during third hour due to our callings.

Now that Jack is getting more into his looks, I can't help but look back at my other two when they were his age. Jack looks a lot like James. He's like a chubby James. All three of them look alike, but I think Jack and James look the most alike. Here they all are around 15-months of age so you can decide:
Love it!

Jack is such a great baby. He isn't  perfect all the time (we're back to working on full night's sleep again...), but he is a happy baby. A bit more of him these days...
- got his ninth tooth. And then I discovered a molar halfway through a few days later. And it looks like three more (at least) will join us in the next few months. Joy...
- loves books
- apparently loves cats and dogs. Whenever there is a picture of a cat or dog in a book, he repeatedly points at it, asking what it is, and gets oh so excited
- is now tackling his brothers. And giggles like crazy when they play back
- will eat almost anything but eggs. ??? Weirdo
- speaking of food, can chow. down. Wowsers
- is obsessed with emptying toys out. Which Mommy does not appreciate but is learning to deal
- loves music. Has the cutest bouncy dance
- doesn't say much, but understands a lot. And communicates pretty well, in his own way
- peek-a-boo is one of his favorite things to do. And it is a-dor-able. For reals. He doesn't always cover his eyes, so his hands are all up near his ears and in his hair. Kills me

It's funny looking back and thinking of how this age for them has been so different for us, our family situation, and what was happening in life.

James at this age- expecting Gavin, living with parents, no job, and deciding on grad schools.
Gavin at this age- had a newborn, finishing grad school earlier than planned, and starting a real job the next month.
Jack at this age- no pregnancy or plans for a new baby anytime soon, no more school for Brad (just me, whenever I can make time), and Brad is rocking his job.

Wow. Crazy. These boys are the delight of our lives. Man, I love my family. Our life isn't perfect and some days I feel like my sanity is flying out the window, but it's all good. These days are fleeting, I'm becoming all too aware. They are trying days, but they are also full of hugs and kisses, and questions only little ones can think of, and cuddles in blankets, and playing super heroes, and coloring and teaching them how to draw butterflies, and writing letters, and whatever else might happen in our days. Life is awesome.


  1. I miss seeing those chubby cheeks of Jack's! You summed up motherhood at this point very well. I'm loving it and am exhausted, and will miss it when it's gone. Can I get three days off please? :)

  2. I loved reading this post about your little guy... Pepper is almost the same age and it's fun to see the similarities and differences! Life can be crazy sometimes but these little cuties make it all worth it, don't they?? Thanks for sharing!!
    And, I think your boys all look so different from one another, but all too too cute!

  3. definitely seeing the James similarities. Makes me miss the rexburg days (even though he was way younger then).