This is Halloween! (2012)

I guess before we get further and further from Halloween, I should post about it! I had planned on the boys being super-heroes, but it didn't seem to quite stick with them. Then one day, James was acting as a knight and I asked if that is what he wanted to be for Halloween and he got very excited. Done. So I started the look online of how to make one (because they are ridiculously overpriced costumes, those knights). I came across one with a tutorial of a knight (which I didn't use) and a dragon (which I didn't use). A knight and a dragon?? How cute is that?? I couldn't figure out what the third boy would be, then realized that whatever James is, Gavin would probably want to be. There we go- two knights and a dragon. I made the knights costumes (which aren't impressive, I realize this, don't worry) and bought the dragon costume. Because I for sure couldn't make it cuter or with less money and stress than what that dragon costume was! 

We went to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat
Two good family pictures?? Had to post them both
Rach dressed as a pirate for her ward's dance and I made her tattoos. We're both rather proud of them
Rach was "roar"-ing with Jack-Jack. So freakin' adorable
Seriously- I love this holiday.


  1. So fun! I especially love the dragon who substituted fire for a pacifier! Seriously adorable...all of them. :)

  2. cute! So is Rach going to get a real tattoo now?