Quickie Cali Recap

Vacation time: one week at the beginning of October

9-hour drive: Not too bad! Rather impressed. Though drive home was a bit more traumatic then on the way there...

Who we saw: Both sets of grandparents, two of Brad's brothers' families, my brother's family (who we haven't seen in almost three years!), and, bonus see, Brad's sister, Julie (who we haven't seen in two years and made last minute plans to be out there to help Brad's parents. His dad had a double knee replacement surgery while we were there- ouch. That man is tough). It was awesome

Verdict of trip: Major success
Day with Neil, Sherrie, Audrey, and Luke
Outside fun
A trip to Apple Hill!
Birthday celebration for the (then) almost one-year old
Of course, horses


  1. The cupcake picture kills me! He's so cute! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun (:

  2. I miss apple hill! Your kids are super cute!

  3. Your boys are so stinking adorable! I know I've said that a million times, but seriously! So cute!