Saying Bye and Going to the Farm

A special treat when my parents came was my dad was able to spend some extra time with us. They came up Friday afternoon and he left Monday afternoon (my mom stayed an extra week- another EXTRA treat!).  We usually only get him for a day or so. The morning he left they brought us over doughnuts. Huge hit with the kids (and Brad later on... such a weakness for them...). 
James got another treat before Papa left- a Captain America suit!! Hot dog, he was so excited. He was only allowed to wear it for a little while because it was pretty hot (for here) that morning. He enjoyed every minute.
The boys got their snuggle on before Papa went back to California. I even got a picture with him (gasp!)
It was sad to see him go, but we are all so grateful for the time he took out of his busy schedule to come and see us. It doesn't happen very often where we get him for that much time. 

The next day, my mom and I took the boys to Thistledown Farms. The boys were so excited to go and see the animals. Only problem was I couldn't remember how to get to the animals. I was convinced they were gone. We shopped around, got some produce, put it all in the car. I knew the boys wouldn't handle not seeing the animals very well, so we gave it another go looking for the animals. Result: Success. Heck yeah. James is definitely more timid around the animals while Gavin will just thrust his hand in the pen. There is a quarter machine for goat food- James and I won't feed the goats (I know, I'm so brave), but Gavin didn't care if his fingers got nipped. He just giggled and got another piece of food for the goats. At the bunny pen, there was the tiniest baby bunnies!! You can see one in the picture, the gray and white little thing. It took me a while to realize it was a bunny. So stinkin' cute. 
 The rest of the week was a lot of surviving the random heat wave we got. I felt so bad for my mom- coming from the hot Central Valley to cool Oregon, only to get the heat wave. Sorry, Mom. Guess you have to come back up again to get the cool relief ;) One night my mom, Rach, and I went to go see Brave. Such a good movie! But thank you to friends that told me to not take James to it- it would have definitely scared him. After the movie we went to Sweet Life downtown and got some delicious dessert. Why I didn't get pictures, I don't know... ugh. I wish my bad habit was taking too many pictures. But no. It has to be forgetting all the time. Still good times :)


  1. you did take pictures. on your phone. or mom did, either way i remember making fun of you for it.

  2. I love the animals at Thistledown Farms! Way to go Gavin for loving the goats, they are definitely the best farm animal : )