The Birthday Weekend

Wow, am I behind what has been going on here. We've been super busy with family being here, or prepping for their arrival, and things are finally calming down. So hopefully I'll be catching up soon in all that has been going on.

James and Gavin both love sea animals. Gavin in particular has come to love sea turtles. What would be more fun than to take them to the aquarium for his birthday?? There is one in Newport, about 2 hours away from our house. The drive there was a little long... right when we were getting out of civilization, James informed us he needed to go potty. Of course. Then Jack had to wake up and not go back to sleep, Gavin wouldn't fall asleep... ugh. But we made it! The aquarium was lots of fun, even though we had some minor meltdowns from the birthday boy (he is so opinionated and independent sometimes!). 
Waiting to get in- I love James' hands in his pockets
Cool turtle statue
Kid discovery area
GIANT Japanese crab, jellyfish, and a shrimp perhaps
Looking at all the neat sea creatures
Cute boys
One of our favorite parts was visiting the seals and sea lions. They were super active and no one else was around so we got all the under water windows to ourselves. They kept swimming by and twirling. It was amazing. Sad note- no sea turtle was at the aquarium. I was sad. 
Sharks! So cool
After the aquarium, we had planned on eating but decided to think about where we wanted to eat and headed to the beach instead. This is when Gavin decided to take a nap and become a grump. Poor thing. The thing that really set him off? Sand. He hates sand. It so happened on that day the wind was about 40+ mph. So sand in the air was nooooot a good thing for him. It broke his little heart. We nixed the beach and went to lunch (and it was good). Time to head home! 

Once home, the birthday boy was much happier and got to play outside (with no sand, so all was well). We put off the birthday cake for Sunday and went to bed!

Sunday we had pancakes for breakfast and presents soon after. Gavin apparently opened the wrong present first because it ended up being his favorite present- cars/trucks. He did not want to open up anything else and was quite upset when we had him open up more. 
Cue meltdown
For his birthday cake, I made cupcakes in ice cream cones. Yay! I also made homemade frosting, which I need to stop doing for his birthday. I can make it TOTALLY fine for any other occasion but I am horrible when I have to do it for his birthday! At least it set up enough this time to look decent! It was a huge hit with the kids and we all enjoyed it.
Gavin turned two and man oh man did that "terrible-two" switch turn ON. Even with his more frequent tantrums/outbursts, he is still our sweet little guy. Gavin can talk so well and understands so much. It's so great watching him with his brothers. Gavin is a treasure and I'm so grateful he's ours.

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