Nana and Papa in Town

The Friday before Gavin's birthday, my parents drove into town! We were very excited to spend the birthday weekend with some special guests. To kick-off it all off (and celebrate my mom's birthday three days late), we went to a nearby city, Junction City, to their Scandinavian Festival. It was perfect timing for it to be happening when my mom was in town- she is half-Swedish (so us kids are 1/4, if you didn't get that) and are very proud of our heritage. We had a great time- we watched dancers, walked around, ate lots of food, wanted to purchase everything adorable, looked at all the people in costume (so awesome), and just had fun.
 Three Swedish girls
Love this kid

 The firefighters were making ebelskivers and let James wear their firefighter Viking hat
 Plates on display
 Top left- we dubbed her Rapunzel. She was doing some awesome chalk art
 Italian sausage. Rach approved
After the festival, we headed over to Nana and Papa's hotel and went swimming. I was thinking Gavin wouldn't like it because he's been weird about water aaaalll summer, but he was braver than James at times. They had a blast. Once swimming sadly ended (tears were definitely shed), we went back to our place to partake in some oh so delicious chocolate eclair cake for Nana. All in all, awesome night and hello to the parents.


  1. Thanks for the belated celebration! I love James snarky look on his face upon Papa's shoulders! So funny! We really enjoyed being with you guys! A fun-and-adventurous-filled weekend!

  2. Fun! I'm sad we missed the Scandi fest. Were we out of town? Guess so.

  3. Awww you guys always have such fun with Grandma and Grandpa!