It's a Jungle in Here

I had to go to the DMV a few weeks ago and a friend, Shauna, watched the two oldest boys for me (thank you!!). On my way home, I got a text picture of a tiger and a giraffe who looked a lot like my little boys. I started laughing- it was too cute. When I got there, James and Gavin very excitedly showed me their costumes. James did not want to stop being a tiger, so Shauna graciously let us take the costumes home so they could resume their jungle ways. When we got home, James immediately became a tiger again. Gav could only be a giraffe for a little while longer... then it became too much for him. James lasted until the real nature called. Kinda hard to go potty as a tiger, ya know.
Then this last week I heard James in the kitchen with one of the toy bins. He was saying something I wasn't understanding. Before I go on, I will input this: "The Jeff Corwin Experience" is now on Netflix so we have been watching it and the boys loooove it. A camel was on it the other day... On with the story. I walk into the kitchen and James was sitting in the bin, it stuck on his bum, claiming he was a camel. A toy bin + bum = camel. Go figure. He continued to crawl around in his camel state for a little while.
The boys decided again to get their jungle on on Wednesday. They could hardly contain their excitement, and for some reason, Gavin... oh, excuse me... Giraffe couldn't stop hugging Tiger. Too. Funny.
 Here is a video of the two of them...


  1. Oh my word!!! So adorable! They're such animals! ;)

  2. That's adorable. I'm so glad Shauna let you borrow those. They're perfect for them.