Father's Day Weekend

What a fun weekend we had! Most of our Saturday was spent on the Oregon coast. We have only been once and were excited to go back (finally). It was so much fun! The kids were great, we found an awesome beach (though I doubted we would find it...), ate amazing food, and just enjoyed being together. 
Father's Day started off with pancakes- not a bad way to start, right. During Jack's pre-church nap, we gave Brad his gift:
The plan was to get him some practical new, nice work clothes... but then I saw the Star Wars Saga. On sale. On Blu-Ray. I couldn't resist. We are not fans of the "first" three, but as you probably have picked up on, we (especially Brad) are big fans of the originals. It was a big hit! Best Wife Award, right here. ;)

After church, Brad fired up the grill and I started the sides inside. Steak, roasted potatoes, and green beans for dinner. De-lish. Rachel wonderfully made pink lemonade pie the night before. I'm basically addicted. Once the food was cleared away, we got some family pictures together. 
 Showing our true characters:
 Jack stole the show a little bit
They were done at the end, I think
We then Skyped with my parents and Brad talked to his dad. It was a great Father's day and I am so grateful for the dads in my life. 

First off, my best friend and partner in life, Brad. I am so grateful for him being my rock and being an amazing daddy. 
For my dad, who was an amazing example to me and loved me no matter what- even in my wonderful teenage years :) My father-in-law, who always calls me "daughter" and is never short on hugs. 
My brothers,Sam and Craig, who I love seeing being dads themselves. 
I love you all.


  1. Loved it all, thanks for sharing. You have some pretty awesome men in your life, big and little. :)

  2. so fun!!!! I couldn't help but think "daaaang Amy has the best metabolism EVER" while looking at you run on the beach with James! Dang girl! I think Gavin is looking more and more like James as he gets older! Mister Jack has the cutest little smile and blond hair! What cute boys! Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

  3. Fun to see your wedding pics! You'll have to tell us where you found the beach. Looks like a great day!