Sort of Last Minute Trip


Probably didn't even know we were gone. EARLY this morning we came back from a week long vacation to California!! My sister's best friend, and one of my old friends, from Ripon got married this last Friday. She was heading down there and I thought, Hey, I haven't seen friends from there in a long time... maybe we should go, too. With the permission of my husband, I stole the three kids away with my sister to sunny California. It was a GREAT vacation, though I missed Brad like nothing else. Stupid work (but, really, we know it's a good thing he has a job). So there will be bunches of little posts about our vacation for a while. 

Let's start off with our trip down... we didn't drive all the way down at once because the weather was crazy. We barely made it through the pass- plenty of snow and wind for us. Keeping us on our toes, you know. We stopped in Redding, CA, for the night then finished the rest of the trip (only 3 1/2 hours) the next morning. All in all, the kids did amazing on the trip (though Jack had a bit of a cry-fest through the pass- thank heavens for his aunt).
at the mall in Medford
Chilling on the hotel bed in Redding
The next day a delicious lunch was in order. Cue In-n-Out. Oh yes. We had it twice while we were there and I could of had it more but I can't justify eating out that much :)
Much more to come...


  1. I am so glad you came! I miss you all like crazy!

  2. Hey! Next time you're in Medford, text me, we can meet up!