Backyard Fun

One of the biggest things I love about visiting family is backyards. I want one so bad. But it will have to wait... sigh. Moving on...

The weather in California was gorgeous and we were outside as much as possible. It's Gavin's first real time walking around in my parent's yard and having fun back there. It was so awesome to see him play with the rocks and the grass. He is much more of a take-it-all-in sort of boy, as opposed to his go-as-fast-as-you-can brother :)
Gavin was fascinated by these tubes
 The rock collector
 Everyone loves a good rock to sit on
 My parents lilac bush- LOVE it
 Gavin's kitty-smile
 Oh, I love his smile
 I love this picture of James- so him. Constantly moving
 "Mommy, help me climb the tree!"
We are anxiously awaiting for Oregon to permanently warm up just a little. We love our outdoor time!

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  1. I think being outside was their favorite thing they did while you were here! They just couldn't get enough. :)