Beautiful Wedding

Last Thursday, my family decided to do a small, surprise birthday night for me. They are so sweet! I came home from getting a pizza to a angel food cake with candles on the table... and my sweet mom put 27 candles on. I would love to keep claiming that age, but alas, this will be my 28th this year. Though we put an extra candle in, we joke that we were celebrating the last of my 27th year :) For dinner, we had a y-u-m-m-y asparagus pizza. Mmmm... so so good. Then we enjoyed angel food cake with ice cream and strawberries. After the boys were put to bed (they were exhausted) I opened up my present from them: the 25th anniversary play production of The Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall. If you love The Phantom and/or have seen it on stage, you have to get this. 
The next day we  headed out to the Bay Area to the Oakland LDS Temple for the wedding we came for. My mom was ever so sweet and volunteered to watch the three boys while I went to the sealing with my sister. Rach and I haven't been in the temple together since she went through, so it was an extra special experience for us. Thank you, Mom, ever so much. The boys had a hard time walking around the grounds after we got out, so we had to bail just after our friend came out with her groom. I did not get ONE single picture of Becky! The joy of chasing little boys- no time for photo taking! So I stole one- here is one from one of the photographers
Aren't they just gorgeous together?? So happy for Becky. The reception later that night was at a house in Ripon and it was great driving through my old hometown- made me miss it a little. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful reception, filled with catching up with old friends and chasing boys.
Gavin loved all the flowers
 The beautiful Oakland Temple
I wish this was in focus...
 and this one too- Gavin is so adorable!!
 Jack-Jack hanging out with Papa


  1. Glad you had a great and yummy birthday. Your boys are too cute!

  2. Gorgeous temple!! Those bowties are adoooorale!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the bowties.