Easter Weekend

Saturday morning, tried to catch an Easter egg hunt at our Ward's breakfast party... they actually started on time and we barely caught the end of it. Boys still had fun getting some eggs!
Came home, had a ton of fun dying eggs
Sunday, James and Gavin rocked their bow-ties and we had another Easter egg hunt right before dinner
We had a few friends over for sweet pulled pork (Cafe Rio style, of course) tacos and chocolate eclair cake for dessert. I was too busy to snap pics of the deliciousness. Guess I'll have to make it all again so I can let you all know what you missed :)

All that aside, I love this holiday. I feel like every year I become more and more grateful for Easter and understand the importance of us celebrating this wonderful day. Happy Easter and enjoy watching this wonderful Easter video

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  1. We watched that video yesterday and was so powerful. I did think it was in the more graphic side for a Mormon video, but I kept reminding Ryan, it is about the Savior, which involves graphic things at times! We didn't dye any eggs this year so I'll definitely have to do that next time. I have a hard time with the idea of eating the eggs after they are dyed. Eeeek. But I know Brinley would love it. jack is looking SO big!!!! Your boys are growing up so fast!