Cousins and Eggs

Since Brad's parents only live 20 minutes away from my parents, we were excited to see them as well. My sweet mother-in-law tried to get his two local brothers and their family down to come see us- they could, but on different days. The first night we were able to see Kyle and Amy and their three kids (minus Kyle, who had to work late). James and Gavin both had fun being around their cousins, especially little Mia. Oh, this girl is too adorable. We loved seeing them and truly miss being around family
Sunday we were able to go back and see Neil and Sherrie and their adorable two kiddos. Audrey is three months older than James and Luke is three months younger than Gavin. It was so fun to see them instantly love one another. It's so funny how they have already met, but they have to kind of re-meet. At one point, James came running out with a rather mischievous look on his face, carrying a raggedy doll, and a not so happy Audrey not far behind. Apparently James had taken it from her. He gave it back to her and Audrey promptly said, "James, you can come play with me but you can't take things from me because I'm your cousin." Oh, the cute things kids say. After conference and dinner, we had a little Easter egg hunt. Then they all had fun running around, playing with dogs, and chasing a cat.
 Adorable Luke- seriously, little stud muffin
 Audrey is SUCH a cutie sweetheart
 I love the cousin pictures we got
Once back home that night, we had another Easter egg hunt. Lucky little boys. 

James trying on his new shades
Can you tell I put my sunglasses on my head a lot? So does Gav 
We certainly are blessed to only be a 8-9 hour drive away from home... but it would be awful nice if it was much closer. Maybe someday.

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  1. I think it's funny you know another "Kyle and Amy". Of course, you knew them first, I'm sure! Glad you got to go to California. So nice to get away.